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Student Commits Suicide After LGBT Activists Use Title IX to Punish Him

Posted on | April 11, 2017 | 1 Comment

Ashe Schow reports how federal policy is being abused:

A male student who was accused of sexual harassment committed suicide just days after the University of Texas at Arlington ignored its own policies in order to punish him. The accused student’s father, a lawyer acting as the administrator of his son’s estate, is now suing the school for violating his son’s Title IX rights.
Thomas Klocke . . . a straight male, was accused by a gay male student of writing anti-gay slurs on his computer during a class. Klocke vehemently denied the accusation, and administrators who investigated the incident acknowledged there was no evidence to support the accuser’s claims, yet Klocke was still punished.
The accusing student, who is being sued by Klocke’s father for defamation, claims that in May 2016, Klocke made a comment during a class about “privilege,” and then proceeded to open his laptop and type “gays should die” into his web browser’s search bar. The accuser (who is not being named because Watchdog was unable to contact him for comment) claims he typed into his own browser search bar, “I’m gay.” . . .

You can read the rest of that, but the details of the accusations are irrelevant because there was no evidence, other than the gay student’s assertion, that any of this actually happened. Title IX is not about “equality,” it’s about punishing male students for being male or, as it has been interpreted, punishing heterosexuals for being heterosexual.

Even if what Klocke’s accuser claimed actually happened, why did it happen? Because of a classroom discussion about “privilege.” So, it is alleged, a student who was irritated by this discussion expressed his irritation through a deliberately offensive expression and then the tattletale decided to claim that this was “harassment” and demanded that the heterosexual student be punished for his offensive expression.

What this shows is that, whenever any dispute arises between gay and straight students on the 21st-century university campus, the straight student is always deemed wrong, and subject to punishment. This is not “equality,” but rather a one-sided policy of pro-LGBT favoritism, the same way that Title IX is otherwise a one-sided anti-male policy.

(Via Memeorandum, with more at Instapundit and Hot Air.)



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