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Typical Canadians, IYKWIMAITYD

Posted on | May 11, 2017 | Comments Off on Typical Canadians, IYKWIMAITYD

Suresh Patel, 49; Muhammad Jaffer, 22; Muhammad Sarchami, 31; Hernando Carvajal, 29; Intekhab Shaikh, 42; Sakhi Alekozai, 29; Shamim Abowath, 54; Ruchir Shah, 34; Nima Latifpour, 25; Sanjay Ninan, 42; Jaipal Sidhu, 26; Adeniran Adekola, 33; Ming Wong, 39; Zan He, 33; Segundo Fernandez, 54; Anpalagan Kanapathipillai, 39; Navaneetharan Packianathan, 25; Rajorshi Bhaumik, 34; Miguel Feliciano, 38; Virushan Premanathan, 25; Suhayl Rajan, 24; Sivanesan Veerasingam, 50; Jamshid Jalilian, 25; Zhi Situ, 22; Tejash Patel, 33; Quang Tran, 37; Ravikumar Ghandhi, 31; Ahmad Hassan, 21; Anshu Manocha, 33; Sivaratnam Sinnappillai, 39; Naidu Matas, 54; Paramjit Sandhi, 35; Hari Bhaskar, 55; Ramy Kawar, 39; Zu Liang Xiao, 28; Ali Mansourinajand, 24; Ramiz Multani, 25 — what do these men have in common? They were among more than 100 suspects arrested in a Canadian sex crime investigation:

Police have arrested 104 men for attempting to have sex with children forced into prostitution, following a four-year undercover human trafficking investigation in which 85 underage victims were found and 49 pimps charged in York Region since 2012.
York Regional Police Det.-Sgt. Thai Truong said 104 men were arrested as first time offenders in the investigation from 2014 to April 2017 for negotiating “the purchase of a prostituted child between the ages of 13 and 16 years old.” . . .
Human trafficking investigators launched Project Raphael in 2014, which Truong said was a three-pronged approach to combating the issue in the region. . . .
Police targetted pimps, focused on rescuing victims and connecting them with community support workers and attempted to stop the demand for prostituted children.
“We essentially put up advertisements online when men were looking to purchase sex they were told that they were communicating with a child, with a prostituted child,” Truong told reporters during a press conference [April 21]. . . .
Of the 104 arrests, 32 of the suspects had pleaded guilty with sentences ranging from three to seven months.
“Almost all of these men are first time offenders … they had stable jobs, and families and not the type of people who usually see in the criminal justice system,” Susan Orlando, of the Attorney General’s human trafficking prosecution team, said.

The list of men arrested in this sex-trafficking investigation was posted online. I’ve chosen from the list the most typical Canadian names. Do the math and you find that these typical Canadians comprise 36% of the suspects arrested. Check the list yourself — Page One, Page Two, Page Three — and you’ll see I’ve omitted names like Richard Kwok, Steve Ko and Milton Sanchez-Guevera that didn’t seem quite Canadian enough.

Far be it from me to generalize on the basis of this limited sample. There are nearly 36 million people in Canada, and the fact that a few dozen typical Canadians were arrested on child-sex charges does not mean that all Canadians are pedophiles. It would be wrong — perhaps even racist — to allow a small number of criminals to tarnish the reputation of an entire country. Ontario is home to lots of excellent law-abiding people with typical Canadian names like Muhammad, Miguel, Ahmad, Sanjay, Quang and Ming, and it would be wrong to cast them all under the shadow of suspicion, merely because of these criminals. However . . .


Meghan Murphy is editor of Feminist Current, Canada’s leading feminist website, and notice how she employs generalization:

According to York Regional Police Det.-Sgt. Thai Truong, many of the men arrested were married, disrupting the oft-repeated lie that johns are simply lonely or “socially awkward” men who need company and affection.
Susan Orlando, of the Attorney General’s human trafficking prosecution team, reaffirmed this at a press conference on Friday, saying the men arrested “had stable jobs and families, and [were] not the type of people who [we] usually see in the criminal justice system.”
Truong added that the men came from “all walks of life” . . .
We know that it is very common for prostituted women to report having entered into the industry during adolescence, which tells us there is an enormous market for girls. It also tells us that there is no clear line between the prostituted women labelled “consenting adults” by advocates of legalization, and exploited underage girls in the industry. These exploited girls become exploited adults, in other words. . . .
To evidence how common it is for men to seek out prostituted girls, the police reported that in just three days of the investigation in 2017, officers arrested 19 men who believed that they were purchasing sex from either a 13-year-old or a 14-year-old.

Do you see how Meghan Murphy is playing a game here? Is it really “very common . . . for men to seek out prostituted girls”? No, of course not. The vast majority of men have never sought out a prostitute of any age, and would never do so. Most men abhor prostitution as a loathsome crime, and would oppose any measure to legalize prostitution, no matter what arguments are made by Canadian “advocates of legalization.”

Is there “an enormous market for girls” in Canada? Well, among those Canadian men who are in the habit of seeking out prostitutes, perhaps. But while Meghan Murphy is correct in suggesting that law-enforcement leniency toward prostitution tends to have the effect of increasing the number of teenage girls who will be lured or coerced into prostitution, she is wrong to suggest that Canadian men in general constitute an “enormous market” for teenage sex slaves. You see how feminism permits negative generalizations about men — demonizing half the human race — in ways that would be impermissible were such generalizations used to smear ethnic minorities. You can generalize about white men, but not about men named Miguel, Ming or Muhammad.

This is exactly what feminists do in the name of “intersectionality.” Because they are part of a left-wing political coalition seeking to unite every crank, kook and moocher with a grievance against Western civilization, feminists have gone to great lengths to argue that racism, sexism and homophobia are all part of an interlocking system of oppression — “capitalist imperialist white supremacist cisheteronormative patriarchy,” to quote the executive director of USC Women’s Student Assembly. One notices in feminist discourse how often the phrase “white heterosexual male” is employed as an all-purpose epithet. White guys are the cause of all evil in the world, according to feminists like Boston College Professor Janet Helms, who saw the sinister influence of White Heterosexual Male Privilege in last year’s presidential election. “The current cost of tuition, fees and room and board at Boston College is $65,644 for a single year,” as Eric Owens pointed out. Females are a majority (54%) of Boston College undergraduates, and only 62% of their students are white. “White Heterosexual Male Privilege” could only apply to 30% of Boston College’s enrollment, unless you add in those 33% of white female students enjoying the benefits of Daddy’s money.

Oh, but this is what feminism is really about, see? Rich college girls full of self-pity, claiming to be victims of sexist oppression. And because they don’t want to be suspected of racism, these rich white girls invented “intersectionality” so they could expiate their White Guilt by claiming that somehow being female atones for their sin in being white.

All of this is just Cultural Marxist nonsense, “critical theory” developed by a lot of overpaid professors based on the writings of a bunch of decadent European intellectuals like Foucault and Derrida. Thirty years into the takeover of academia by post-structuralism, there is now scarcely anyone on an American university campus who has the intelligence or courage necessary to denounce critical theory as a delusion, a paranoid persecution fantasy of the progressive Left. But I digress . . .

What if I seized upon this list of Ontario sex-trafficking suspects to claim that guys named Muhammad are particularly prone to pedophilia, and thus largely responsible for child prostitution? Of course, feminists would begin shrieking “Racism!” and “Islamophobia!” But why is it OK for Meghan Murphy to insinuate that Canadian males in general are such perverts that an “enormous market for girls” exists north of the border, where it is “common . . . for men to seek out prostituted girls”?


Oh, that’s acceptable, because when a feminist reads a headline that more than 100 men were arrested in a sex-trafficking investigation, she just assumes that these Canadian perverts were white, and every feminist knows that white men are the lowest form of life on the planet.

This kind of left-wing groupthink — collective victimhood and collective guilt — is antithetical to individual responsibility. It is hate propaganda to describe a category (e.g., “men in Toronto” or “men named Muhammad”) and to attribute to them a heinous behavior (e.g., “seeking child prostitutes”) as a way of implying collective guilt. For some reason, the Left objects when we call attention to Muslims who shout “Allahu akbar!” while killing Americans, but the Left expects us to ignore the way feminists collectively demonize white males.

By the way, who is advocating legalized prostitution? Meghan Murphy seems to spend a lot of time attacking such arguments, and I don’t know much about Canadian politics, but I’m pretty sure right-wingers aren’t the ones engaged in this advocacy. Prostitution is reportedly rampant in Vancouver, where thousands of hookers and call girls ply their trade with the tacit approval of the left-wing municipal government.

Who is responsible for all this prostitution in Canada? Not me.

See, this is how individual responsibility works. It doesn’t matter if your name is Muhammad or Miguel, you are responsible for what you do, and you can’t blame your problems on somebody else. You got caught trying to hook up with a teenage girl who turned out to be an undercover cop? Don’t tell me you’re a victim of systemic oppression, because there are guys named Muhammad and Miguel who didn’t do what you did. And if you are a member of an ethnic group with a bad reputation — for example, Canadians — don’t blame this on the “prejudice” of others. Try to be a decent law-abiding person, and most people will be willing to give you a chance in life, despite the fact that you’re Canadian.

There are at least two or three Canadians who aren’t half-bad, but in general, I stay as far away from Canadians as possible. I’ve never forgiven Canada for inflicting Neil Young on the world, and for the same cursed nation to unleash Meghan Murphy to terrorize humanity — well, you’ll be a long time living that one down, collectively speaking.

“They’re not even a real country anyway.”



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