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The Catastrophe at Evergreen State

Posted on | June 23, 2017 | 1 Comment


A state college has surrendered to the totalitarian mob:

Students at Evergreen State College are doubling down on their effort to silence speech that, in their view, endangers the lives of “black, trans, fems, and [other] students on this campus.”
The students, some of whom have actively demanded the ousting of biology professor Bret Weinstein after he questioned the propriety of asking white students and faculty to leave campus for a “Day of Absence,” accused the educator of “validating” white supremacists and Nazis.
“Although Bret has not personally said, you know, ‘go out and attack the students,’ that has been the result of his actions,” Hadley, a student at the college, proclaimed in an interview with Vice News. “He has incited white supremacists and he has validated white supremacists and Nazis in our community and in the nation. And I don’t think that should be protected by free speech.” . . .
“So at this point, we would like Bret to be fired. But that isn’t happening…I don’t care what happens to Bret anymore,” Hadley declared. “He can go and be racist and be a piece of sh– wherever he wants to do that. Hopefully, long-term, we can just weed out people like Bret.”

As has been pointed out, Professor Weinstein “supported Bernie Sanders, admiringly retweets Glenn Greenwald and was an outspoken supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement” and calls himself “deeply progressive,” but that’s not enough for the thugs at Evergreen.


Watching that 7-minute video report by Michael Moynihan, you get a very clear idea of what kind of “students” are now effectively running Evergreen College in the absence of real leadership by the college’s administration and faculty. “Social justice” is the province of a bunch of spoiled-rotten brats with the emotional maturity of 4-year-olds.

Enrollment at Evergreen has been sagging in recent years because of the school’s left-wing reputation. The environment on the campus in Olympia is perceived as “too weird and freaky for people who want a normal education,” one student said in 2014. Certainly the anti-Weinstein protests have done nothing to repair Evergreen’s bad reputation, and it is likely enrollment will decline even further. Can any parent imagine sending their child to such a lunatic asylum? If the object of a college education is to prepare students for careers, what sort of careers are Evergreen students being prepared for? Do you think major corporations are eager to hire young people who are in the habit of slinging accusations of “white supremacy” at anyone who disagrees with them?

As Professor William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection points out, liberals are arguing that “Weinstein should have just kept his mouth shut and suffered in silence.” Why is this faculty silence necessary? Because when the general public becomes aware of the totalitarian climate on college campuses, they don’t like it, and public reaction has a negative impact on enrollment and budgets:

Enrollment on the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus is expected to decline more than 7 percent in the fall and budget cuts will require the elimination of up to 400 jobs, interim Chancellor Garnett Stokes said [May 15] at a budget forum.
The enrollment decline estimate is the first provided by MU officials for overall fall numbers. The university has already said it expects first-time freshman enrollment to decline by almost 18 percent.
For the school year that ended last week, enrollment at MU was 33,266, down 6.1 percent from the previous year’s record. If Stokes’ projection of a 7.4 percent decline is accurate, enrollment in the fall will be about 30,800, the lowest in nine years. . . .
Overall, the university is planning to cut 12 percent from the academic and administrative operations budget, or about $55 million. . . .

Why is this happening? Why has enrollment declined at the University of Missouri? Because in 2015, the faculty and administration allowed the campus to be taken over by Black Lives Matter protesters. The University of Missouri became a national symbol of this anti-white hate movement and threats from the angry black mobs “left many students, faculty, and parents feeling fearful of violence and concerned about their safety.”

We might reasonably expect enrollment at Evergreen State to decline sharply in the fall, and the impact on the school’s budget will probably be quite shocking to radical students who think they can intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. The progressive thug mob at Evergreen State needs to be reminded that parents have a choice about what kind of education they provide their children, and you can’t expect parents to pay money to send their kids to a lunatic asylum like Evergreen State.



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