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Sheppard’s Long Night’s Journey

Posted on | January 1, 2018 | Comments Off on Sheppard’s Long Night’s Journey

by Smitty

The Information Age has lowered barriers to entry across the board. One is truly grateful for the breadth of people met in the last decade. By hanging out with Stacy McCain, I got to go to CPAC, and be in the right place to meet Andrew Breitbart. That led to being in the right place at the Tax Day Tea Party to ask a question of Andrew pertaining to the Kill the Bill protest, and have someone else I suspect it was Mr. Pinko, film over my shoulder, capture the moment, and have it get into Hating Breitbart. I can claim with graphic evidence that I had a hand in Hating Brietbart. My right hand.

The same spirit of community pertains to Long Night’s Journey Into Day. M. Joseph Sheppard has been an online friend for years. His “A Point Of View” point of view has been a consistent supporter of things conservative. It’s great to see that has published an online collection of posts. I have done this myself, as has Stacy McCain, and a couple of other bloggers. These little vanity tomes are a fantastic way to remember what happened; a sort of public diary, if you will.

Sarah Palin aficionados will especially welcome this document, as Sheppard captures her major public acts in a chronological fashion. I’ve always admired her charisma (I guess the 2008 Northern Virginia rally appearance she made with Stacy’s cousin predated my blogging debut.) Given that I come from about the same stripe of Evangelical Christianity, I’ve both admired the lady, and understood that her priorities seem to have tended more toward family than public service of late.

Blogging is a in keeping with the American tradition. I’ve been mostly on haiatus while enjoying the two little ones. But the historical continuity from the Founders thumbing their noses at the British Parliament runs through to the modern Tea Party thumbing its nose at Progressivism. Ensuring that these boys are raised to understand that it’s in God, not Government we trust is key to protecting Liberty. And that’s what blogs in general, and Sheppard in particular, all about.


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