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Defamation by Impersonation

Posted on | January 25, 2018 | Comments Off on Defamation by Impersonation

Jack Posobiec is a conservative activist with more than 250,000 followers on Twitter. A woman claimed to have discovered that Posobiec had a profile on the feminist dating app Bumble, and BuzzFeed claimed that Bumble verified this was actually Posobiec’s account. Posobiec is married and his wife is pregnant, and he has threatened legal action against those he says have defamed and harassed him by “criminal fraud.”

Of course, the difficulty of proving a negative means we cannot know that the accusation that Posobiec had a Bumble account is false, except that the charge is absurd on its face. Posobiec abhors feminists, so why would he be attempting to date them? While we might imagine, just hypothetically, that an anti-feminist could create such an account as a joke, to troll Bumble users, Posobiec denies that he had anything to do with this account and a far more likely scenario is that it was an attack by a hacker who targeted Posobiec in order to manufacture a phony “scandal” against someone they deem an associate of the “alt-right.”

In the past, I’ve been the target of such harassment tactics by the Left (remember, someone went to prison for a SWATting against my family) and some of the methods used by my enemies included using impersonation accounts to send offensive messages to my friends. (You can ask Wombat and the Lonely Conservative about one such incident.) Because I am personally familiar with the Left’s amoral scorched-earth, by-any-means-necessary tactics, I am inclined to believe that Jack Posobiec has been similarly attacked, and that BuzzFeed, by publishing an article about this, is dishonestly attempting to “verify” this smear.

This is also a familiar tactic. In 2010, Democrat operative Neal Rauhauser was caught red-handed organizing a Twitter harassment campaign against Tea Party activists. Rauhauser then persuaded Adrian Chen of Gawker to publish an article explaining this away as an innocent “prank.” Left-wing journalists are willing enablers of this kind of harassment, even while they claim that conservatives are perpetrators of harassment. This was the liberal media’s narrative of #GamerGate, after all — supposedly, Anita Sarkeesian and others were victims of right-wing “harassment,” which became a pretext for Twitter’s shutting down the accounts of various conservatives (myself included), but no one at Twitter ever took action against Neal Rauhauser or any of the left-wing trolls who participated in his anti-Tea Party harassment campaign.

So now are expected to swallow a “just-so” story: A feminist claims that an “alt-right” guy had an account on a feminist dating app, BuzzFeed then gets an official at Bumble to “confirm” the authenticity of the account, and this is supposed to be accepted as factual proof.

Bullshit. This has all the hallmarks of a frame-up, a hoax, with no more credibility than Rolling Stone‘s UVA gang-rape hoax.

“Haven Monahan” could not be reached for comment.


P.S.: Jack Posobiec denies being “alt-right,” at least in the sense intended by liberals who use this term as a synonym for “neo-Nazi.” What has happened, during the past year or so, is that Democrats and their media allies have played their customary connect-the-dots guilt-by-association game. It works like this: Person A (e.g., Richard Spencer) becomes notorious, and then everyone on the Right is expected to denounce Person A. Prior to becoming a notorious symbol of “hate,” however, Person A had some association with Person B, Person C and Person D. These three persons who were in some way associated with Person A are now deemed “radioactive,” and everyone associated with them falls under the penumbra of suspicion, even if there is no actual evidence that they share the “hate” that made Person A notorious. This is how the left-wing media turned the so-called “alt-right” into a weapon to smear Trump supporters as crypto-Nazis, especially after the gaudy debacle at Charlottesville. Some 20-year-old dimwit rams his car into a crowd, and we are supposed to believe this proves that everyone who voted for Trump is a goose-stepping Jew-hater. Conservatives have to learn to fight effectively against these guilt-by-association tactics. Don’t be defensive. Don’t join in on the dogpile of denunciation against whoever the Left is targeting as a “hate” symbol. Remember that you have the right to remain silent, and you don’t have to comment every time someone on the Right says something deemed “controversial.” Most importantly, use these situations to educate your fellow conservatives about the Left’s propaganda tactics. Being able to recognize such tactics is the only way to avoid being influenced by the Left’s disinformation operations.



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