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Mystery After Lesbian Couple’s Apparent Suicidal Plunge Off California Cliff

Posted on | April 3, 2018 | 3 Comments

The Hart family at a 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign rally.

A lesbian couple, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, adopted six black children. One of those children, Devonte Hart, became briefly famous in 2014 after a photo of him tearfully hugging a white policeman at a “Black Lives Matter” protest rally in Portland, Oregon, went viral. Police now fear Devonte is dead, along with his five siblings, after the Hart family’s SUV drove off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean in northern California:

The SUV that authorities said was carrying a family of eight — two parents and six adopted children — was traveling at 90 mph before it plunged off a California cliff last week, according to court documents obtained by a local TV station.
Fox affiliate KPTV in Oregon reported that the SUV’s speedometer was “pinned” at that speed, indicating that the vehicle remained in motion after it fell and just before it hit the rocks 100 feet below on the Pacific Coast Highway. Investigators also did not find any marks showing that the vehicle either accelerated or slowed down before it reached the cliff, or any evidence that it crashed into the embankment as it “traversed towards the tidal zone below,” according the documents cited by KPTV.
The crash, which killed a family that had once captured the world’s attention, has left troubling questions. Killed are the two mothers, Jennifer Jean Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart, both 38, and at least three of their adopted children. The other three remain missing.
The TV report provides a glimpse into what may have preceded the Monday afternoon crash at the ocean overlook near Westport, California, a small community about 180 miles north of San Francisco. Child services officials in Washington state, where the family lived, also have confirmed that they had begun investigating the Harts over “alleged abuse or neglect” days earlier.

The Hart family’s SUV plunged off an oceanside cliff in California.

More from the Los Angeles Times:

The search for three missing siblings feared dead after their family’s SUV plunged down a cliff into the sea last week has been delayed by rough conditions on the California coast.
Strong currents, frigid water and rough waves have prevented Mendocino County Sheriff’s divers and rescuers from looking for the missing Hart children, Lt. Shannon Barney said Monday. . . .
The children are Devonte Hart, 15, who was briefly famous for a powerful 2014 photograph of the teen tearfully hugging a police sergeant in Oregon at a protest amid unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and his sisters Hannah and Sierra Hart, 16 and 12, respectively.
Authorities said they believe the three were in the car with their siblings, Markis, 19, Jeremiah, 14, and Abigail, 14, and their parents, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 38, when their GMC Yukon dropped 100 feet onto the rocky Mendocino County shore off Highway 1 near Juan Creek.
The fatal plunge appears to have been intentional based on the lack of skid marks and the fact that the vehicle was at a full stop before accelerating off the cliff, the California Highway Patrol said Monday. . . .
Three of the children’s bodies were found outside the vehicle. The parents’ bodies were found inside. Investigators believe the three missing siblings were also in the crash based on interviews with Hart family and friends. . . .
There were no skid marks or brake marks, and the couple’s children had recently been identified by child welfare authorities as possible victims of abuse and neglect.

Originally from Minnesota, the couple moved to the Portland suburb of West Linn, Oregon, and moved to Washington State last year:

A search warrant was served at the home of Jennifer Jean Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart on Thursday.
A search warrant affidavit was granted in Clark County in connection with this investigation for items including travel itinerary, bank records, cell phone records, credit card billing statements, bank receipts, notes, journals and possible suicide notes.
No details have been released about the results of the search at the couple’s home. The couple purchased the home in May 2017 and previously lived in West Linn. . . .
Neighbors in Woodland told FOX 12 this week they contacted Child Protective Services when one of the children, 15-year-old Devonte Hart, came to their home begging for food for himself and his siblings.
The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services released a statement Wednesday confirming a case was opened regarding the family last Friday, as “the now-deceased children were identified as potential victims of alleged abuse or neglect.”

KWG-TV reports:

Authorities in Oregon, Washington and Minnesota all received reports of child welfare concerns involving the Hart family prior to the family’s fatal crash on the California coast, records and interviews show. . . .
Over the past decade, the family has lived in Alexandria, Minnesota; West Linn, Oregon; and Woodland, Washington. Friends say the family was loving but records show several allegations of abuse or neglect.
One of the Hart’s daughters Abigail, then 6 years old, told her teacher [in 2010] that she had “owies” on her tummy and back, according to a complaint filed in Minnesota. The teacher said she saw bruises on her stomach and back. Abigail then told her teacher, “mom hit me.”
During an interview with detectives, Sarah Hart admitted to spanking her daughter and she said she let her anger get out of control, according to the complaint.
Jennifer Hart told investigators she knew that Sarah spanked her daughter.
Sarah Hart pleaded guilty to domestic assault and was sentenced to 90 days in jail but wasn’t required to serve time due to terms of her probation.

So one of the parents had a criminal conviction for abuse eight years ago, and the family was also investigated by Washington State authorities in 2013, yet they were idealized by local liberals:

“Jen and Sarah were the kinds of parents this world desperately needs,” said Portland photographer Zippy Lomax, who had known the family since 2012. “They loved their kids more than anything else.”
The Hart family was a regular at Oregon festivals and shows, Lomax said, including the Beloved festival in Tidewater. They also joined presidential candidate Bernie Sanders onstage during a 2016 rally in Vancouver. . . .
Court records and recent neighbors, however, portray a family that was at times strained.
The Harts and their children left their home Friday shortly after no one answered the door for a visit by the authorities, according to neighbors and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.
Bruce and Dana DeKalb, who lived next door, said they rarely spoke with the family, which about 10 months ago moved to the remote wooded area in northern Clark County.
Dana DeKalb said Devonte had come to their home a dozen times to ask for food, saying his parents had withheld it as a form of punishment. The teen would ask the couple to leave the food by the fence they shared so his parents wouldn’t know, she said. . . .
Bill Groener, who lived next door to the family in West Linn, said they kept to themselves and the kids mostly stayed indoors – even in good weather. Groener said the only contact he had with the family is when they went out to get the mail.
“Something,” Groener said, “just didn’t seem right.”

Will the “Black Lives Matter” movement have anything to say about this?



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