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Nutty as Squirrel Farts: The Escalating Madness of Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch

Posted on | August 22, 2018 | Comments Off on Nutty as Squirrel Farts: The Escalating Madness of Ex-Professor Deborah Frisch

Deborah Ellen Frisch, Ph.D., after her Jan. 5 arrest in Bend, Oregon.

One of the unfortunate consequences of reporting about lunatics is that craziness is often adhesive, so that you can’t engage with these nutjobs without some of their insanity getting stuck on you. Since last we reported on the deranged ex-professor Deborah Frisch, a Colorado judge has ordered her arrested, but she’s still at large somewhere in San Diego County, California, and keeping busy in her habitual way.

Date: Wednesday, 22 Aug 2018 2:36 am
From: Robert McCain
To: [28 Addresses Redacted]
To whom it may concern:
By my count, Deborah Ellen Frisch has CC’d me on 34 separate emails during the past 72 hours. These incoherent emails are full of obscene insults aimed at the prosecutor in Weld County, Colorado, and others. As several of you are aware, Dr. Frisch faces sentencing in October on felony charges related to her harassment of blogger Jeff Goldstein and, I am informed, a warrant for her arrest has been issued, apparently because of violation of terms of her pre-sentencing release.
Exactly why Dr. Frisch has CC’d me on all these emails, I can’t explain, as her behavior is self-evidently irrational. Although I am not a psychiatrist, these emails would seem to me sufficient proof that Dr. Frisch’s mental health has deteriorated to such an extent that she may be incapable of rational behavior. Friends with professional experience in the field of psychology who have observed Dr. Frisch’s increasingly erratic behavior suggest that she exhibits symptoms of organic brain damage, a chronic condition that is likely irreversible. Whatever the diagnosis or prognosis may be, any layman can look at Dr. Frisch’s email output and reach the common-sense conclusion that she is daft, demented, cracked, wacky, batty, bonkers, berserk, off her rocker, non compos mentis, nutty as squirrel farts and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. In short, she is crazy, and seems to be getting crazier every day.
While it is easy for me to ignore Dr. Frisch’s deranged email bombardments, the possibility that Dr. Frisch is now a danger to herself and others cannot be so easily ignored. Certainly, we must hope that authorities in Weld County are taking all measures necessary to prevent this danger.
Robert Stacy McCain

Readers may recall Dr. Frisch’s arrest in January:

Deborah Frisch was “uncooperative” and shouted racial slurs when she was arrested in Oregon . . . according to a police report. Frisch, a former university professor who was wanted on a fugitive warrant from Colorado, became “extremely hostile and belligerent” when police confronted her at Bend City Hall.
“I had prior knowledge that Frisch had an outstanding warrant (full extradition) out of Colorado and that she had been uncooperative with police officers in the past,” Officer Cynthia Ksenzulak wrote in her Jan. 5 report. Frisch, 56, is a former psychology professor charged with two felonies in Colorado related to her harassment of conservative blogger Jeff Goldstein. . . .
According to Officer Ksenzulak’s report, Frisch “referred to me as ‘Kung Pao Cunt’ and kept saying that she was going to resist and that we were going to have to use force on her”:

Frisch used a lot of racial epithets towards the Asian culture and called assisting officers, “Pork chops and pigs.” She screamed at the top of her lungs and then tried to fall to her back. I held her upright so that she did not lay directly onto her handcuffed hands.
Frisch continued to scream and yell. Due to her assaultive and threatening behavior, we placed her in a [restraining harness] without incident. I assisted in escorting her to a patrol vehicle by holding onto and lifting her left side upper body. During this entire time, Frisch did not stop yelling racial epithets toward me.

Let’s hope that when officers track down Dr. Frisch for her next arrest, they’ll be warned about her history of “assaultive and threatening behavior.” Crazy people are dangerous, you know.



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