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Big Brother, Inc.

Posted on | August 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Big Brother, Inc.

From the Drudge headline stack:

Tech Companies Gather For Secret Meeting To Prepare Election Strategy...

FACEBOOK Censors More Stories...

SNEAK PEAK: Documentary to reveal how they manipulate your searches; power to control info... 

GOOGLE quietly purges user-generated reviews?


Readers may recall that Darren Beattie, the former Trump speech-writer who got chased out of the White House for attending a 2016 conference where he delivered a speech about “The Intelligentsia and the Right.” In that speech, Beattie used the term “Corporate Marxists” to describe those whose ideal is a society “in which a vanishingly small wealthy, gated, insulated elite lords it over hordes of easily controlled helots.”

These elitists — alumni of prestigious universities, where they were indoctrinated with prejudices that are generally anti-American and anti-Christian — are the kind of people running Silicon Valley nowadays. To describe their worldview as “progressive” would be to mistake selfishness and snobbery for a coherent political ideology. They endorse left-wing politics not because they have any systematic understanding of politics, but rather because leftism is fashionable in their social milieu.

What do they have in common? Well, they are rich — the 1% — and attended the “best” schools, and none of them have ever served in the military. Because of their indoctrination, they ooze politically-inspired sympathy for brown people, homosexuals and foreigners, while reflexively disdaining white heterosexual males (despite the fact that they are mostly white male heterosexuals themselves). These attitudes of the elite are, as I say, not really a coherent ideology, but simply a set of fashionable prejudices — the world according to the kind of people who find Jimmy Kimmel funny. And these are the people running Facebook, Google and Twitter, corporations that exercise an effective monopoly on the distribution of online information. They are seeking to use that power to impose their political prejudices on the rest of us. Instead of Orwell’s “Big Brother” being a totalitarian political party, it turns out “Big Brother” is a bunch of uber-geeks living in California.



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