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Who Democrats Really Are

Posted on | November 5, 2018 | 1 Comment


If you’re watching CNN — and I have no idea why you would, unless you’re trapped in an airport — you have no idea who Democrats actually are, and what they actually intend to do if they get elected. On a CNN panel last night (I watch CNN so you don’t have to), there was a lot of discussion about college-educated suburban white women as the anti-Trump “swing voters” Democrats are targeting in this midterm election.

In a column at CNN’s website last week, the network’s “senior political analyst” Ron Brownstein offered this assessment:

A CNN analysis of the demography of the most competitive districts in the House of Representatives, almost all of which are now held by Republicans, shows that the outcome in 2018 appears poised to reinforce the divides familiar from Trump’s election in 2016.
Democrats’ top opportunities to capture Republican-held seats are concentrated in well-educated, higher-income and preponderantly white districts. Most of these seats are centered on economically thriving suburbs around major metropolitan areas where Trump faces widespread resistance among white-collar voters, especially women, on cultural and personal grounds.
With only a few exceptions, Democrats face more uncertain prospects in Republican-held House seats centered on the blue-collar, exurban and rural communities where Trump remains popular, the analysis found.

You can read the rest of that, but my point is that the Democrats and their media allies know whose votes they need to win Tuesday, which is why their propaganda messages (both in the liberal media and in Democrat campaign ads) are stressing certain themes, and ignoring any facts that might tend to alienate their targeted audience. Unless you seek out alternative news sources on the right — Fox News, Breitbart, etc. — there are some facts you simply don’t know about Democrat candidates and their policy agenda. For example, in Florida:

The 2012 slaying of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin ignited both the Black Lives Matter movement and the political career of Andrew Gillum, whose campaign against Florida’s “stand your ground” personal defense law was instrumental in elevating him to Tallahassee mayor.
Mr. Gillum is now on the cusp of winning Florida’s governorship — but BLM activism has been mostly disarmed as a political movement.
The demonstrations that dominated the 2016 election, cowing presidential contenders and dominating cable television shows, is missing in action in this year’s campaigns. . . .
Mr. Gillum, who would be Florida’s first black man elected to statewide office, invoked Martin’s name during a Democratic candidates debate before clinching the nomination in an upset. Since then he repeatedly accused his Republican opponent, Ron DeSantis, of racism.

Did you know that Gillum was part of #BlackLivesMatter and had made opposition to a homeowner’s right to self-defense a central focus of his 2014 campaign for mayor of Tallahassee? You probably didn’t, and I doubt most Florida voters have been reminded of this fact, nor have they been encouraged to think what this might mean for public safety in the Sunshine State if Gillum wins the gubernatorial election Tuesday.

Did you know the murder rate in Tallahassee is worse than Miami?

Sometimes I feel bad about having to constantly report unpleasant truth like this, almost as bad as I feel watching CNN to research how the “news” is being reported by the Democrat propaganda machinery.

UPDATE: Who’s campaigning for Democrats in Georgia?

Nothing to see here. Move along.



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