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Transgender Totalitarianism: Virginia High School Teacher Fired Over Pronouns

Posted on | December 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Transgender Totalitarianism: Virginia High School Teacher Fired Over Pronouns

The insanity of adults encouraging confused teenagers to “transition” has reached rural King William County, Virginia:

The West Point School Board has fired a high school French teacher following an ongoing transgender controversy issue at the school.
Peter Vlaming, a teacher within the school system for seven years, was fired from his position Thursday night after a five-and-a-half hour public hearing with the school board.
Vlaming’s attorney fought the Superintendent’s recommendation to dismiss the teacher based on claims of insubordination and repeated refusal to comply with directives made by WPPS administrators. . . .
“Tolerance is a two-way street,” said Shawn Voyles, Vlaming’s attorney. “My client respects this student’s rights; he is simply asking that his rights be respected as well… The student is absolutely free to identify as the student pleases. The school board adopted one viewpoint and required Mr. Vlaming, at the cost of his job, to repeat that ideology, repeat that viewpoint. That’s where it’s compelled speech. That’s where it violates his First Amendment right he still retains as a public employee.”
This issue came to a crux during a virtual reality exercise back in October, where Vlaming said he called out “don’t let her walk into the wall” as the transgender student walked in that direction.
Vlaming claimed it was a slip of the tongue.
“I’m totally happy to use the new name,” Vlaming said. “I’m happy to avoid female pronouns not to offend because I’m not here to provoke… but I can’t refer to a female as a male, and a male as a female in good conscience and faith.”
“That was in fact discriminatory because all the other students were being used pronouns, but this student was not being used pronouns,” Superintendent Laura Abel testified.
On Oct. 31, Vlaming was placed on paid administrative leave after West Point High School Principal Jon Hochman said Vlaming did not obey his directive to use the proper identity pronouns for the student (“he”, “him” etc.). . . .
Voyles said his client was sent a letter Nov. 6 by {Superintendent Laura] Abel stating: “My expectation is that you will treat [the student] the same as other male students, including using his preferred name and using male pronouns to refer to him. If you refuse to comply with this directive or if you have any further instances of using female pronouns or of avoiding the use of male pronouns to refer to [the student], it will be considered insubordination and will result in termination of your employment.” . . .
“The policy speaks not one word about pronoun usage,” Voyles said. “There is absolutely nothing in the policy, as the witnesses admitted from the school division, that speaks to that issue. Which makes that policy so problematic that it leaves it up to the individual for interpretation.” . . .
“This is a new issue in this country,” Voyles said. “These administrators had just two words, ‘gender identity’, that were added to their policies and they decided on their own what it means to discriminate against gender identity.”

Here’s an idea: If your child is delusional — in this case, a girl who believes she’s a boy — maybe don’t send them to school. Maybe you should put them in a lunatic asylum. But instead, what is being done in the name of “inclusion” is requiring everyone to participate in the psychotic teenager’s “gender” delusions. You can be fired from your job for refusing to cooperate with this coercive insanity.