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George Will: Apologist For Tyranny?

Posted on | January 13, 2019 | Comments Off on George Will: Apologist For Tyranny?

by Smitty

I remember reading Will back in the day and feeling edified. He has wandered far in his dotage, first embracing Her Majesty against Trump, and now coming out against Brexit.

A June 2016 referendum endorsed (52 percent to 48 percent) exiting the EU. Implementing this has, however, become messier than anyone, especially voters, anticipated. In a House of Commons debate on Brexit, a Conservative member said that democracy is like sex — if it isn’t messy, you’re not doing it right. However, messiness is not proof of correctness.

Read the whole thing.
George Will sounds as though he might have sided with George William Frederick against George Washington back in the 18th century.

Of course liberty is fraught with peril, Will. As with taking the square root of a number, negative results are part of the process. This concept of “correctness” is a fine theological pursuit for each of us. Politics? Politics is the flesh, which is why the comparison to sex is so apropos.

But the point is that, in minimizing the risk of being shagged undesirably by your government, the more local the power, the greater the likelihood of a desirable outcome.

I just can’t fathom Will’s slide into licking the authoritarian boot.


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