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SJWs Ruin Everything: Knitting Bloggers in Meltdown Mode Over ‘Social Justice’

Posted on | February 26, 2019 | 1 Comment


What does knitting have to do with politics? Nothing that I can think of, except that everything is political to “social justice warriors” (SJWs) who constantly patrol the Internet in search of something to be angry about.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore at Quillette tells the amazing story of how Karen Templer, a popular figure among online knitting enthusiasts, became a target of SJW rage after she wrote a blog post expressing her excitement about a planned trip to India. This drew a comment from a guy named Alex Klein, who accused Templer of expressing “a colonial/imperialist mindset.” You’ve got to have your “social justice” radar tuned to an astonishingly high frequency to find offense in a middle-aged woman’s writing on a knitting blog, but Klein’s comment seems to have started an avalanche of SJW snowflakes. When another online knitting enthusiast, Maria Tusken, criticized the Internet mob attack on Templer, the mob then turned its rage against Tusken. This is how what’s known as “call-out culture” turns into something like the Red Guards in Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Anyone who objects to the ritual of public denunciation becomes a suspect, accused of “wrong” beliefs, and targeted in the ongoing purge. Kate Heppell, editor of a British knitting magazine, denounced Tusken for questioning the “call-out” of Templer:


The word for this is insanity. Karen Templer never wrote anything “racist” on her blog, and Maria Tusken did not use “hate speech” in defending Templer against false accusations of racism. The entire controversy originated with Templer talking about her trip to India, a country she had dreamed of visiting since childhood. Once the SJW mob got riled up, however, this led to a competition to make the most emphatic denunciation of the “colonial/imperialist mindset” Templer was accused of exhibiting, and anyone who criticized this mob became a target suspected of sympathizing with Templer’s allegedly wrong beliefs.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore says:

In an age in which freedom of speech seems to be under attack in many different spheres of society, heretics to the progressive creed find themselves persecuted ad nauseam by a choir of the self-righteous. This kind of vindictive activism has been described by Jordan Peterson as a hunt for people who dare to disagree. “What’s happening on the radical end of the political spectrum is not good. But the conservatives are too afraid. They’re afraid they will be targeted as individuals, mobbed by the social justice warriors, and taken out,” he said in an interview with the Epoch Times. The writer and activist James Lindsay, meanwhile, told me that campaigns like these are simply “a power grab thinly clothed as a civil rights movement.” . . .
People’s livelihoods are being credibly threatened by this kind of behaviour. “You can be bullied and destroyed,” Tusken told me.

You can’t even be a knitting blogger anymore unless you endorse and promote this kind of insane “social justice” activism.



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