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Just Got Off the Phone . . .

Posted on | March 21, 2019 | Comments Off on Just Got Off the Phone . . .

. . . with the press spokeswoman for Marianne Williamson’s presidential campaign, to whom I found it necessary to explain:

  1. How I managed to pick not one, but two dark-horse candidates (first Herman Cain and then Rick Santorum) who became contenders in the 2012 Republican primary campaign;
  2. I don’t do “gotcha” journalism. I’m not hunting for scandals, I’m a guy doing old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting, and my biases are so obvious, I can’t be accused of having a hidden agenda.

As I explained, I believe the way to cover a presidential campaign is to start with a candidate that all the big-name pundits don’t take seriously. This means I don’t have to worry about being one of 30 reporters in a scrum following the candidate around on the campaign trail, and can thus cover the grassroots effort at close range.

This is the Gonzo way, and there’s no reason a conservative journalist can’t cover a Democrat primary, considering that the liberal media expect to be taken seriously when they cover Republicans. So this morning, I booked my hotel (two nights in Myrtle Beach for $165.76) and reserved a rental car ($175.68 for four days, Friday through Tuesday) for a South Carolina trip made possible by the tip-jar hitters.

Great minds think alike, and Professor Ann Althouse also took notice of Marianne Williamson’s campaign yesterday. There is an inarguable logic to this: If the Republicans could nominate an outsider from the world of business, why can’t Democrats nominate Oprah Winfrey’s “spiritual guru”? Last month, ABC’s Nightline featured Williamson:


My wild hunches have a strange way of becoming reality, and you never know where my ambition to become ambassador to Vanuatu might lead. I’m already looking at the April calendar for an Iowa trip, where I’ll save money by crashing on Cynthia Yockey‘s sofa, but airfare and a rental car will still be necessary for that trip. Meanwhile I’m on deadline for my next American Spectator column, so I’ll conclude quickly by reminding you that the Five Most Important Words in the English Language are:


Readers in South Carolina should sound off in the comments. It’s possible I might get thirsty Saturday night in Myrtle Beach.

UPDATE: Just by the way, the cheapest round-trip flight to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with a departure April 1, if I booked it today, would be $428. So if you guys want to send me racing around Corn Country chasing Democrat candidates, that’s the next fundraising target. As I say, Cynthia’s offered to let me crash at her place in Fairfield, “a rural town that is home to the Maharishi University of Management and has a thriving community of practitioners of transcendental meditation,” i.e., the natural habitat of Marianne Williamson supporters.



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