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A War Against Human Nature

Posted on | March 27, 2019 | 1 Comment

Dana Pico calls attention to a recent exercise in anti-male hatred at a Maryland high school, amplified by the liberal media. Male students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School circulated a list rating their female classmates’ attractiveness. Some tattletale turned the boys in. “Dozens of girls decided to speak out, demanding a conversation with their male classmates about toxic masculinity,” the Washington Post reported.

Apparently, male admiration of female beauty is now considered “toxic,” you see. It is “objectifying” for teenage boys to take an interest in the physical attractiveness of teenage girls. This incident at a suburban high school was sufficiently newsworthy — “toxic masculinity”! — that the Washington Post published not one, but two articles about it, because there’s nothing else important going on in D.C., I guess. Dana comments:

Teenaged boys, reaching those years when they notice that teenaged girls are different from boys in some ways that are not quite as icky as they previously thought, have been forming opinions on which teenaged girls are more or less attractive to them. That’s how human sexual interaction begins, with one person finding another attractive in some way, and hoping that that other person feels the same about the first. This is simply normal, and a biological imperative; the human race would die out without it. . . .
In the end, one male student received an in-school detention, and one male student stood up in an long school assembly and was forced to made an apology.
And I’m sure that he learned his lesson! The lesson was: don’t put that kind of stuff on paper, where you can get caught for it.
But the male students will continue to judge the female students on their attractiveness, and the female students will continue to judge the male students on their looks, because that’s simply human nature.

You cannot eradicate human nature. You cannot compel people to conform to your ideological abstractions of “equality.” What you can do — if you bombard young people with propaganda and punish dissent — is permanently warp the personalities of a generation of youth.

And that’s what the radical feminist ideologues who control our educational system are doing. By punishing heterosexual boys for being heterosexual boys, in effect teaching them that it is wrong for them to be attracted to girls, they are destroying the character of these boys. Furthermore, by encouraging girls to celebrate the public humiliation of these boys, they are teaching girls to take pleasure in sadistic revenge.

From the perspective of the Democratic Party operatives running the public education system, this is excellent — these are the values and beliefs necessary to being a mindless progressive automaton. They are indoctrinating a generation of monstrous SJW zombies.



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