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‘Fattie Goes Oink’: California Professor Performs at Academic Conference

Posted on | April 15, 2019 | 1 Comment


Angelina Moles (@fiercefatfemme on Instagram) is a tenure-track Professor of Communication Studies at Merced College in California and a self-described “Queer Performance Artist.” To quote a Facebook post about an event in Idaho last year featuring Ms. Moles:

Angelina’s work focuses on humanizing the Fat experience while honoring it’s unique monstrosity. She currently teaches at Merced College where she teaches Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. In their spare time, Angelina blogs about radical Fat acceptance and enjoys spending time with her queer family.

At this year’s annual convention of the Western States Communication Association (program here, archived here), Ms. Moles offered a performance entitled “Fattie Goes Oink,” in which she wallowed on a bunch of cupcakes while wearing only her underwear:


This is what California taxpayers are subsidizing as “higher education.”