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‘Aiyona Hunt’ Is Not a Woman

Posted on | August 6, 2019 | 1 Comment


The man calling himself “Aiyona Hunt” (@Aiyonahunt01 on Twitter) has repeatedly succeeded in getting Twitter support staff to suspend the accounts of feminists who have complained about his sick misogynistic behavior. Of course, “Aiyona” (a) enjoys using the women’s restroom, (b) likes wearing high heels and (c) calls himself a “lesbian.” These are symptomatic of perverse fetishism, and yet there are many progressives who want to make such dangerous perversion a basis of “civil rights.”

Notice how “Aiyona” claims that anyone who criticizes his claim to be a lesbian is using “fake facts” and is “utterly wrong”:


This kind of behavior is not even about “gender identity.” This is about a deranged pervert trying to exploit “social justice” as a weapon to force unwilling women to participate in his sick sexual fantasies. As you might expect, lesbians are not amused by “Aiyona”:

I genuinely f–king hate these men. I really do. I’m so tired of this s–t. This predatory, fetishistic, f–king freak is so g–damn vile and disgusting and just pure f–king evil and he makes me wanna vomit. People really do hate women. Like, they really really f–king hate women and lesbians so much that this bulls–t has gone this f–king far. I feel like we’re just screaming into the void at this point. And the worst part is, any amount of backlash these f–king freaks get will come back to hurt *us* a thousand times worse than it will ever hurt them. We’re getting blamed for this s–t. Meanwhile we’re the ones they’re hurting the most. I’m so f–king tired, yall. So, so f–king tired.

To which all sane people must say, “Amen.”



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