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Lesbian Sues Sperm Bank After Learning Why Both Her Kids Are Autistic

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Layers and layers of irony here:

[Illinois lesbian Danielle] Rizzo’s children, ages 7 and 6, were at the center of one of the most ethically complex legal cases in the modern-day fertility industry. Three years ago, while researching treatment options for her sons, Rizzo says she made an extraordinary discovery: The boys are part of an autism cluster involving at least a dozen children scattered across the United States, Canada and Europe, all conceived with sperm from the same donor. Many of the children have secondary diagnoses of ADHD, dyslexia, mood disorders, epilepsy and other developmental and learning disabilities. . . .
When she first found out about their many half-siblings, she consulted a genetic counselor, who she says told her the odds of so many blood-related children with autism occurring spontaneously was akin to all the mothers “opening up a dictionary and pointing to the same letter of the same word on the same page at the same time.”
“It was the donor,” Rizzo remembered thinking. “It had to be.”
A quick online search for the donor’s profile showed that sperm from a man matching his description was still being sold by at least four companies. . . .
Rizzo turned to a sperm bank when she was 27 years old and a business banker at a JPMorgan Chase branch. She and her partner, who asked that her name not be used to protect her privacy, had been together for eight years. They met while Rizzo was attending community college on a softball scholarship. Rizzo was the team’s pitcher; her partner was an assistant coach. In June 2011, when Illinois began issuing civil union licenses to same-sex couples, they were the first in line at the Kane County courthouse.
Rizzo says they were eager to start their family and decided that Rizzo, younger by two years, would carry the baby. For months, the couple scoured online profiles to find just the right sperm donor.
Donor H898 from Idant Laboratories looked like a winner.
He was blond and blue-eyed, 6-foot-1, 240 pounds, and appeared to be smart and accomplished.
His profile said he had a master’s degree and was working as a medical photographer. His hobbies included long-distance running, reading and art.
And most important, Rizzo says, he had a clean bill of health, according to his profile . . .
[B]oth boys were diagnosed with autism. She soon found herself thrown into the frenzied world of special-needs parenting. . . .
“The screaming, the hitting, the yelling, the pinching, the punching, the pulling my hair when I’m driving,” she said, describing her days. After three nannies quit, Rizzo left her job, and her relationship collapsed. . . .
The house went into foreclosure. Rizzo went on Medicaid, and in July 2018 she and the two boys moved into her parents’ basement. . . .
Donor H898?s sperm was offered through multiple sources. . . .
His profile stood out in many ways, women who used his sperm said, citing the thoughtful answers in his essays and audio interview. “I dislike dishonest and wasteful people,” he wrote in one statement. “I have my own garden and go to the Met when I can.”
Rizzo filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in July 2017. In her complaint, she alleged that his online profile was a lie and that he was not an “appropriate candidate for sperm donation.” . . .
She says in the complaint that research, based on public documents and calls to his relatives, showed that the donor had no college degrees, had been diagnosed with ADHD, and “went to a school for children with learning and emotional disabilities.” . . . Moreover, her attorneys wrote in the filing, “Donor H898 is a prolific sperm donor who has fathered at least 12 children through sperm donation, and that each of those children has either been diagnosed with Autism, or suffers from signs and symptoms associated with Autism.” In court documents, other mothers corroborated the story.

So far as we know, then, 100% of this donor’s offspring are autistic and the question arises: Could he ever have conceived children otherwise?

In other words, this guy might have been an “incel,” and so low-status that he was unable to form any real-life relationships with women. Yet by falsifying his sperm-donor profile, he convinced Danielle Rizzo and other women that he was “smart and accomplished,” a “winner.”

“Donor H898” perhaps never could have convinced any woman he actually knew to become the mother of his children, but he had certain traits — tall, blond and blue-eyed — that women seeking donor sperm considered desirable, and thus sired at least a dozen offspring, all of whom seem to have inherited H898’s neurological dysfunction. Oops.

Do you see why trying to evade Darwinian selection might be a bad idea? The idea that Science (with a capital S, to denote its quasi-religious status in the secular mind) can solve every social problem has a rather spotty record in real-life application. Traditional institutions like marriage and religion, we are told by the progressive intellectual elite, are oppressive remnants of a barbaric past. Why should our lifestyle choices be limited by obsolete prejudices and superstitions? And so we cannot expect that Danielle Rizzo, who was still only a teenager when she became the lesbian lover of her college softball coach, would heed anyone’s warning about the potential downside of her experiments on the frontier of social “progress.” No, you’re just a bigot and a hater if you think perhaps lesbian motherhood might produce negative outcomes.

Danielle Rizzo doesn’t believe in any of that “Thou shalt not” stuff. No, she believes in Science! Her children didn’t need a father. All she and her lesbian “partner” needed was a sperm donor, and Science would take care of the rest. What could possibly go wrong? Only everything, it turns out, so that “her relationship collapsed” and now she and her two autistic sons are on Medicaid, living in her parents’ basement.

This story was brought to my attention by Rational Male author Rollo Tomassi, who has a saying: “Hypergamy doesn’t care.” “Hypergamy prompts women to seek out ‘winners’, they don’t care how the man won, just that he won,” as Rollo has observed, and we see how this applies even with lesbians choosing sperm donors on the basis of online profiles. Being tall, claiming to have a master’s degree and a professional career — H898 seemed like a “winner,” and it never occurred to Danielle Rizzo to wonder about H898’s motives for becoming a sperm donor.

Did she imagine he a selfless humanitarian? If so, she was a fool, and now she’s stuck with two kids with this lying creep’s defective DNA.

The Gods of the Copybook Headings have an ironic sense of humor.



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