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Impeachment Circus Update

Posted on | December 11, 2019 | 2 Comments


Readers will excuse my paucity of commentary about this week’s “historic” impeachment news — CNN keeps repeating the word “historic,” as if we were watching the crash of the Hindenburg in real time — but I was busy destroying the feminist blogosphere. You’re welcome.

Anyway, on Monday the Democrats held a hearing in which their chief witness was a lawyer who, after he finished testifying, got up on the other side to serve as the interrogator of the Republicans’ chief witness.

It was like the Moscow Show Trials re-done as a Monty Python skit.

When Democrats are making a mockery of due process this way, can you blame me if I fail to provide running commentary? What can I do except point and laugh? Everybody with two eyes and a brain understands that this isn’t about President Trump’s “high crimes and misdemeanors,” it’s about ORANGE MAN BAD! We’re witnessing the symptoms of terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome, not an actual impeachment, and it’s very difficult for me to treat this ludicrous charade seriously.

What I didn’t realize Monday morning, however, was that the Democrats had scheduled that hearing on short notice as a means to try to hijack the news cycle on the day that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his devastating report on the FBI’s malfeasance in its surveillance of the Trump 2016 campaign. So this impeachment business is actually a cover-up — Adam Schiff and his cronies are using this process to smear Trump and distract Americans from evidence of wrongdoing that occurred in Obama’s administration.

The so-called “mainstream” media is tangled up in all this, as Molly Hemingway explained Tuesday on Fox News Special Report:

I’m one of the few people who has actually read the 430-page report. It outlines such tremendous amounts of spying. Electronic surveillance, the use of confidential human informants that were replaced people on the campaign.
Two years ago you had competing memos come out. You had Devin Nunes say that there were problems with the FISA process, that that was abuse. You had the response memo from Adam Schiff who is now leading the impeachment effort. Never Trump media and liberal media completely disparage the Nunes memo and completely supported the Schiff memo and they were utterly humiliated by what come out in this report yesterday. Every single thing in the Nunes memo reported to be true. If anything, it underreported the problems with the FISA process.
Meanwhile, things that were claimed by Schiff that people took seriously, the people accepted uncritically, were shown to be false. They said there were no material omissions in the FISA warrants. . . .
There were so many errors. And, again, all in the same direction. The dossier was completely disputed. Remember that Adam Schiff read the dossier into the Congressional record. He hijacked a separate hearing in order to do so. There should be consequences for this. And there should be consequences for media that got it wrong as well.

Do you see why it seems to me futile to comment on every new development here? When all is said and done, the daily events of this circus will be just so many details that no one really cares about, because the Democrats (and the news media, but I repeat myself) as so obviously in the wrong that nothing I say about it could possibly matter.

Here’s the thing though: If Nancy Pelosi understands nothing else, she certainly knows how to conduct a whip count. In other words, she has enough Democrat members demanding impeachment in order to get the 218 votes necessary, and if she tried to stop it, the demented Trump-haters in her caucus would destroy her. Pelosi has no choice now but to pretend that this is legitimate, regardless of what the polls might say, and the polls aren’t very encouraging for Democrats. They have lashed themselves to the mast, and will go down with the ship.



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