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Keep Calm and Vote Trump

Posted on | October 28, 2020 | 4 Comments

Yesterday was a tough day for me. Everything — and I mean, absolutely everything — I saw in the news pointed toward a Biden win.

But I am a professional journalist, and I’m not supposed to care who wins elections. It shouldn’t make a dime’s worth of difference to me whether President Trump is re-elected, and I find myself nostalgic for 2016, when I actually didn’t care who won. Four years ago, I had resigned myself to the certainty of a Hillary Clinton presidency, and thus had obtained a sort of Zen of hopeless despair. Nevertheless, despite that feeling of complete doom, my wife and I went on Election Day and voted, then returned home to await the result, with no hope whatsoever.

Bleak hopelessness is true objectivity. When you get to the point of not giving a fuck what happens? Congratulations, you’re objective.

Trust me, I could stack up headlines a mile high to persuade you that there is zero hope of Trump being re-elected and then, having convinced you of the utter hopelessness of the situation, I could welcome you into the International Brotherhood of True Objectivity. Our motto is derived from a passage by Dante: “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate.”

Nevertheless, there are others who seek to spoil my Zen-like calm by taunting me with gleams of hope. Damn you, Al Perotta:

With one week to go until Election Day, I now believe Donald Trump will be re-elected with such a resounding victory, there will be no serious disputing. Only the radicals and nutjobs will take to the street, and even those who have disdain for Trump will accept defeat.

And damn you, Stephen Green for linking that.

STOP GIVING ME HOPE! Hope is the enemy of calm. Only utter pessimism can spare me the agony of click, click, clicking to see if the RCP average has shifted slightly in the past 45 minutes.

The only pleasure we should seek in these final pre-election days is the joy of watching Democrats squirm in agony. Like, for example, Nate Silver trying to convince liberals that Joe Biden can lose Pennsylvania and still win the election. Technically this is true, of course, but Biden losing in Pennsylvania would be indicative of his failure to generate a “wave” trend of sufficient size to flip, e.g., North Carolina, Georgia or Arizona away from Trump. Realistically, what are the chances that Biden could lose Pennsylvania and win Florida? Not good.

Conservatives should not let ourselves get tangled up in “what if” scenarios that might give us hope. We should treat this election as a suicide mission, like those Navy torpedo plane pilots in the Battle of Midway who got shot down in a hopeless attack that, nonetheless, made possible a U.S. victory by forcing the Japanese to scramble their fighters.

If we go into this election with zero hope that Trump can pull it, we spare ourselves the kind of torture MSNBC viewers must endure:

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes directly addressed viewers’ anxiety one week before Election Day, given how despite Joe Biden’s lead in the polls, “everyone remembers four years ago.”
The current RealClearPolitics average of polls has Biden leading President Donald Trump by 7.1 percent. But, as Hayes put it, there’s still “an intense, almost unbearable level of anxiety right now among the millions and millions of people that make up the pro-democracy anti-Trump majority of this country.”
Hayes — after knocking the electoral college system — slammed the president for trying “to undermine our system of free and fair elections, to undermine and subvert the legitimacy of legal ballots.”
More directly, he told viewers, “If you’re feeling anxious, you don’t need me to tell you this, but I’ll tell you this, it’s not crazy, okay? I know you’re nervous. I’m nervous. We are too. This is stressful. What can you say?”
But he went on to add that sans “the trauma of 2016” and other factors, “you’d have very little question as to who was winning, okay, by a lot.”

These despicable atheist maggots are suffering profound agony because, even if there is only a 5% chance of Trump winning, that long-shot chance would be an unbearable catastrophe for them. Politics is all the only hope they have, whereas we Christians do not put our trust in princes. Even if we are utterly doomed — the Biden-voting savage horde sweeps down in triumphant conquest — we know that this is within the sovereign will of God, a chastisement ordained for our salvation. Selah.

All we had in 2016 was prayer. Nothing in the news suggested that Trump ever could have been elected in the first place, so we should not look to the news for any sign that he will be re-elected. Nor should we fear anything even if Biden does win. Be fearless. Trust God.

Keep calm and vote Trump.



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