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Biden’s #DAMP Victory

Posted on | November 15, 2020 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia. DAMP. Damp AlFredo, IYKWIMAITYD. These four cities have some major ‘splaining to do. It’s Curious How Biden Underperformed Hillary Clinton In Every City…Except These Four lays out some of the gravity-defying numbers involved. Read the whole thing, in addition to the Patrick Basham piece it links.

The providential thing, beside having a POTUS who triumphantly treads titanium testicle territory on hand to deal with this mess, is that the legislatures of those four states are under GOP control. Tellingly, the selection of electors is a matter for the state legislatures only, as noted in this outstanding American Greatness post. The Electoral College was incorporated into the Constitution literally for this situation. Literally As [FLOWERBED]. LAF. It’s funny.

Doing anything about the DAMP situation involves releasing some forensic accounting or other evidence that shows substantial hanky-panky. Sidney Powell was on Lou Dobbs and allowed that she was about to “Release the kraken”, which obviously must mean something other than an outburst of Toobinism.

Scott Adams, whom I take in almost daily (great at 1.5X on Spotify) has been making allusions to forensic accounting work being done by 800lb brains with whom he’s in contact. But then he spins a high-minded movie script scenario where Trump proves conclusively that he (and Americans) have been robbed, but it’s too late, and Trump has to eat some political crap sandwich, allow Biden to be inaugurated, and fight an outsider-outsider fight, instead of the insider-outsider fight Trump has already waged for four years.

That’s an interesting scenario, but it is rejected on two grounds:

  1. If Trump fails to protect the elections stipulated in the Constitution, and allows a Biden steal, then THERE MAY NEVER BE ANOTHER STRAIGHT ELECTION. Bad behavior unchecked will escalate.
  2. I want (after fair trials in court, of course) REVENGE.

One wishes to fall short of connecting dots in a conspiratorial way. But the flaky election law changes, Coronavirus weirdness, and seeing a guy who blew campaigning right off set a record for most votes ever just fails to pass the smell test.
I guess if you believe anything the media says, you can buy that. I’ve got ~73M Trump voters who have not visited that particular dispensary or lit up thereafter.
No, this is a referendum on the country. Trump needs to fight as long as legal recourse lasts. It’s far from over, and his relative silence on the matter has to have the Lefties DAMP with their flop sweat.


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