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Blondes (Still) Have More Fun

Posted on | January 10, 2021 | Comments Off on Blondes (Still) Have More Fun

Is it a matter of opinion?
Or just a contradiction?
But from where I come from,
All the blondes have more fun.
Well, just watch them sisters on a Saturday night,
Peroxide causin’ all the fights.

Oh, the memories of those days, when my glorious golden mane made the girls stop and stare! Walking around with shoulder-length rock star hair as a skinny teenage boy in the Deep South was slightly dangerous, but the benefits — well, Rod Stewart knew what he was talking about.

Amid this grim season of post-election gloom, I found something to smile about this morning when I saw Alana Stewart — Rod’s first ex-wife, and also the ex-wife of movie star George Hamilton — tearing it up on her Twitter. Now a 75-year-old grandma, Alana is on Team #MAGA.

Screen-capped for posterity, because it’s probably just a matter of time before she’s banned like everybody else who’s not a Democrat.

She’s a Texas girl, you know. Texans love a good fight.



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