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Atlanta: The ‘Yellow Fever’ Theory

Posted on | March 18, 2021 | Comments Off on Atlanta: The ‘Yellow Fever’ Theory

Of the many kinks, fetishes and perversions with which I’m familiar, the one I’m sure I never suffered is “yellow fever.” It is true that some guys are into that whole “exotic Orient” trip, obsessed with the idea of allegedly “docile” Asian women, but I was never one of those guys.

De gustibus non est disputandum, of course, and whatever floats your boat, but I guess I’m just a regular vanilla kind of guy, and never really understood that kind of racial fetishism. Inevitably, however, in the wake of the Atlanta massage parlor massacre, we get takes like this:

Asian Women Have Always Been
a Deadly Obsession of White Men

Notice the lack of qualifiers there. “Always” white men everywhere have universally been guilty of this “deadly obsession” — or so we are expected to believe because this one guy in Atlanta, who police confirmed frequented Asian massage parlors, went on a murderous rampage.

Your honor, I plead not guilty.

This idea of collective blame is the essence of racism. It is also the negation of the core concept of individual responsibility.

However much benefit so-called “progressives” imagine they can derive from promoting group guilt in the name of Critical Race Theory, I can assure you that the costs will ultimately outweigh whatever short-term political gains are to be made by playing this racial blame-game.

Does it not occur to our friends on the Left that two can play that game, and that the resentments stirred up by identity politics will not always be limited to their intended purpose of “energizing” various ethnic groups to vote for Democrats? If the potential for backlash frightens me — a white guy whose reputation as a right-winger is rather notorious — then how much more should it frighten liberals? Yet they’re like children playing with matches, never thinking they’ll get burned.

As it turns out, we now have extensive testimony that Robert Aaron Long, who killed eight people in his Atlanta rampage, was not motivated by racial hatred and the reason he patronized Asian massage parlors wasn’t “yellow fever.” Rather, his former roommate says, Long considered these venues the “safest” way to cope with his sexual cravings:

Long told his roommates that he’d chosen to go to the Asian massage parlors “not because of the employees’ race, but because he thought the spas were safer than paying for sex elsewhere.”

In other words, if there had been massage parlors with white women offering “happy endings” for the right price, Long might have patronized those establishments but . . . Well, it is what it is.

It’s always easier to deal with facts rather than theories. Speaking of facts, in 2019 (the most recent year for which federal statistics are available), there were 16,425 homicides in the U.S. Do the math, and that’s 45 homicides on an average day, so that these eight murders in Atlanta were less than 20% of the daily total. On the same day, there were more than 35 murders that didn’t get nationwide attention. And yesterday, there another 45 murders, and 45 murders today, and there will be 45 murders tomorrow — on average, I say. There will probably be more than 300 Americans murdered this week, and yet nearly all of those murders will be strictly “local news.” CNN won’t even notice them, and pundits won’t write columns interpreting the political meaning of these deaths.

There is a remarkable selectivity involved in the process of deciding which murders deserve national attention, and you should question the motives of the media in the process of making those choices.

If you’ve got a “deadly obsession” with Asian women, seek psychiatric help, but as for me? Nope. Not guilty, your honor. I rest my case.



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