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Two Criminals Die in High-Speed Crash

Posted on | April 9, 2021 | Comments Off on Two Criminals Die in High-Speed Crash

How do you want a police chase to end? Fatal crash is the correct answer. After months of watching police pursuit videos on YouTube, I’ve developed a thorough hatred of these criminals, so when one of them slams into a tree, that’s what I call a happy ending:

Investigators have released a video of the chase of two suspects over the weekend. Two suspects fled from authorities and led them on a chase in Coweta County [Georgia] on Friday evening, officials said. Deputies said the suspects ended up being involved in a deadly accident in Fulton County.
Driver Jamaal Willis-Powell, 30, of Covington, and passenger Jasmine Simone Hayes, 28, of Palmetto, were killed in a crash after losing control and slamming into a tree near Fayetteville Road and Taylor Circle. Hayes was ejected from the vehicle while the driver had to be cut free of the mangled wreckage.
Just minutes before, the pair were running from Coweta County deputies. Investigators said Willis-Powell had outstanding warrants for felony burglary out of Gwinnett County and Hayes was wanted by Palmetto police on obstruction, theft by receiving, and a weapons charge. . . .
Although it only lasted about two miles, speeds reached about 70 mph in a 45-mph zone heading towards the Fulton County line. After about a minute and 41 seconds, it was all over. Deputies said the couple crashed into a tree just across the county line.
This is not the first time the couple has sped away from law enforcement. The Palmetto Police Department said the pair were suspects in a burglary of a gas station. Police said officers spotted the suspects, but lost them as they fled the scene.

Watch the video, which was edited by the local TV station to omit images of the deadly crash scene:


As soon as the drive passed the cop — but before the cop turned on his blue lights — the suspect began trying to elude the officer, pulling into the left-turn-only lane at a red light and then making a right turn in front of the other cars waiting at the light.

Notice this crucial sentence:

The tag that was on the car, according to police, was actually for a white Nissan Sentra; the VIN was not registered to the people inside of the car.

Translation: It was stolen and had a stolen tag from another car.

I’m 99% sure both of the deceased perps voted for Joe Biden.



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