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Joe Scarborough Completely Loses His Mind in Bizarre Televised Breakdown

Posted on | May 21, 2021 | Comments Off on Joe Scarborough Completely Loses His Mind in Bizarre Televised Breakdown

Before we get into the unfortunate news of a former Republican congressman’s descent into stark screaming madness, I just want to say to our readers: Are you feeling OK? Have you had any unusual stress on your job or problems in your relationships? Because our caring staff here at the McCain Institute for Abnormal Psychology have a lot of experience in dealing with people who have these kinds problems, and we know the telltale warning signs when someone becomes deranged, demented, daffy, wacko and perhaps even cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

The important thing to do is to learn how to chill out, to stop chasing those imaginary “enemies” with whom you’re obsessed. Above all, if you feel you might be losing your grip on reality — and we’ll get to Joe Scarborough in just a minute, I promise — the important thing to do is to stay the hell off the Internet. Log off of Twitter. Delete your Tumblr blog or your PornHub account or whatever the heck kind of online poison is leading you down the dark path to insanity and self-destruction.

The Internet is causing at least half the mental-health problems in this country. One day your teenage daughter is a happy and normal girl, and six weeks later she’s “non-binary” and calling you a bigot because you won’t use her (oh, I mean, their) preferred pronouns — all because of crazy crap she got from watching too many YouTube videos.

Something like that must be happening with Joe Scarborough, I’m sure. And I don’t mean that he’s undergoing a gender identity crisis or anything, but that he seems to be under some kind of stress, maybe something with his kids, like the mentally defective son he had with his first wife before he divorced her and married his second wife. When your kid with Asperger’s Syndrome becomes a young adult, and you’ve been an absentee father for so long, maybe you feel some kind of guilt about the problems your brain-addled son is going through. Feelings like that often have a way of causing some people to lash out in anger, to become irritable and suspicious — maybe even paranoid, and possibly violent — and while I have no way of knowing what specific personal problems Joe Scarborough is dealing with, it’s obvious that something has been undermining his mental health. Because like I said, telltale signs.

The subject was the current audit of the election results in Maricopa County, Arizona. The GOP-controlled state senate in Arizona insisted on this audit because of perceptions of irregularities in the results. Regardless of what anyone — including the thoroughly unhinged Joe Scarborough — tries to tell you, there is nothing wrong with investigating this election or any other election, if there is any widespread perception that the results were somehow tainted or inaccurate. Such a perception definitely does exist in regard to what happened in Maricopa County, and those who have been following this audit (which I haven’t) say they have already found problems that confirm their suspicions. Whether this is true or not, I am not qualified to say, but the point is that if you think it’s a crazy “conspiracy theory” for anyone to suggest there was vote fraud in Arizona (or anywhere else), what’s wrong with having a complete audit of the results? If the election was on the up-and-up, won’t a complete audit prove that conclusively? So why was Joe ranting like a madman?

Telltale signs — is this the face of a mentally healthy person? Obviously not, and what he was saying was remarkable mainly because it had absolutely nothing to do with what’s happening in Arizona. Instead, Scarborough was spewing out some demented gibberish about “Madisonian democracy” and “desecrating the flag,” quoting Bible verses and working himself up into a hate-frenzy where he basically demanded that millions of Republican voters be exiled, banished from the country as traitors to “our democracy.” This kind of disconnected, irrational babble is what psychiatrists recognize as word salad (“a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases . . . a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia”), and it’s enough to get you a straitjacket and a big shot of Thorazine, unless you’re a Democrat in Congress or the host of a morning show on MSNBC.


After that kind of televised breakdown, you wouldn’t be surprised if the next news about Joe Scarborough was that he’d been shot by police after charging at them with a knife — “suicide by cop.”

Something else to notice about that rant is how Joe’s reaction was completely out of proportion to what provoked it. They were talking about the Arizona audit — a process that does not actually pose any threat to democracy, “Madisonian” or otherwise — and which certainly is not a “desecration” of everything the American flag stands for, yet all this vehement anger comes pouring out of Joe’s mouth. Why?

Because he’s bonkers, berserk, non compos mentis, looney, zany, wackadoodle, off his rocker, and a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

The diagnosis is clear, but we can only speculate about the underlying cause of Scarborough’s sudden deterioration into insanity. Maybe it’s something as simple as this: Like most other liberals in the media, Scaroborough spent the past five years trying to destroy Trump. Liberals clearly hoped and expected that, once Orange Man Bad was removed from the White House, it would end their anguish of existential dread and the band would start playing “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

And that hasn’t happened. Joe Biden hasn’t returned America to their cherished glorious Golden Age of Obama-era progressivism. In fact, the liberal media are obviously growing weary of trying to maintain the pretense that Biden is competent to be president.

Also, their ratings are crap. Now that Trump’s gone, most people don’t care about politics anymore, and Morning Joe now has fewer viewers than some random guys ranting on YouTube.

So it’s probably inevitable that soon the cops in suburban Connecticut will get a 911 call about a “domestic disturbance” at the Scarborough residence, and we’ll see the bodycam video where the officers confront Joe, standing in his driveway in his bathrobe, babbling incoherently about Trump and “our democracy,” waving a kitchen knife around.

“Shots fired.” And that’ll be the end of it.

Crazy People Are Dangerous.



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