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‘Biphobia’ and Other Updates

Posted on | June 12, 2021 | Comments Off on ‘Biphobia’ and Other Updates

Remember my post about Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner “coming out” as bisexual? It was noticed by a Reddit contributor who responded with a thread called “I really hate biphobes” under the category of “BIGOTRY.” And you know what? I don’t care. If considering bisexuality to be pathological is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Here’s an amusing quote from our bisexual Redditor’s post:

If it’s not obvious he has a poor grasp of sexuality and biology

ROTFLMAO. Yes, I am a father of six adult children, four of whom are already married, and who have so far produced five grandchildren, but I have “a poor grasp of sexuality and biology,” as compared to this anonymous Redditor whose evidence of sexual success is . . . what?

People who claim to be experts based on Science with a capital “S” — our bisexual Redditor is almost certainly also a capital-A Atheist — never seem inclined to evaluate sexual behavior from a strictly Darwinian perspective, where reproductive success is all that matters.

If you will go back and read what I wrote about Sophie Turner, you will note that I allude to my own wild youth and, without waving any of my Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination, I must assure readers that I cannot fairly be accused of ignorance of “sexuality.”

Nobody’s offered to pay me for a tell-all memoir, so I’ll spare you the lurid details (and thereby retain plausible deniability, just in case), but am I shocked to discover that many young women like Sophie Turner consider themselves “bisexual”? Not in the least. What shocks me is that they’re willing to publicly admit it, and think it’s a source of pride.

“I’m impulsive, amoral and emotionally unstable — admire me!”

Excuse me for not throwing confetti at your “Bisexual Pride” parade, but does it never occur to such people that it might be possible to evaluate human sexual behavior according to an objective standard? The production of offspring being the entire biological purpose of the enterprise, and durable exclusive pair-bonding being necessary to the proper rearing of children, dispassionate reasoning would favor premarital chastity and monogamous fidelity as social ideals, and would abjure sexual promiscuity. Everything not compatible with these goals would be stigmatized, including adolescent “experimentation.”

The Redditor’s accusation of “bigotry” against me implies that such a rational rejection of bisexuality is impossible, and that only unthinking prejudice can explain my refusal to praise Sophie Turner (as she clearly expects to be praised) for “coming out” as bisexual.

Perhaps we can forgive the Redditor for not knowing how thoroughly I researched the topic of sexuality as part of my deep dive into radical feminism (e.g., “Sex Trouble: Radical Feminism and the Long Shadow of the ‘Lavender Menace,’” July 14, 2014). Those years of staring into the abyss of man-hating lunacy were not wasted:

When Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004, one of the first women to become a lesbian bride was Robyn Ochs. Despite her marriage to Peg Preble, however, Ms. Ochs does not call herself a lesbian. In fact, she is a longtime advocate of feminist bisexuality . . .
Like all feminists, Ms. Ochs condemns heterosexuality as part of a compulsory “system” by which men (yes, all men) oppress women (yes, all women). . . .
Such was the “feminist consciousness” imparted to Robyn Ochs in the 1970s when, as a teenage college student, she took a women’s studies class. Later, when she was in her 20s and “considering a relationship with a woman,” Ms. Ochs “began to see the relevance of feminist theory . . . to my own life.”

How many people have ever heard of Robyn Ochs, the feminist founder of the Boston Bisexual Network? Having spent the time necessary to research the radical origins of the “bisexual pride” movement, I recognize that it is rooted in the anti-male/anti-heterosexual bias of feminism. Why do you think it is that, in recent decades, the number of young women identifying as “bisexual” as increased so much, while the percentage of young men professing bisexuality has scarcely changed at all?

Why do you think Amber Heard destroyed Johnny Depp’s life, anyway?

In 2010, when she was 24, actress Amber Heard publicly “came out” as a lesbian. but a year later seemed to reconsider her identity, saying “I don’t label myself one way or another.” Gosh, what could have prompted such a reconsideration? Heard had been in a relationship with an older woman, Tasya van Ree, since 2008, so why did she suddenly become uncomfortable with the word “lesbian”? Ah, she had a target in her sights: Johnny Depp, with whom she co-starred in The Rum Diary. At the time Heard expressed her disdain for labels, Depp was 47 and in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had two children. Depp was also one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, the star of Disney’s lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. In 2012, Heard dumped her girlfriend, Depp split with the mother of his children, and they became a couple, marrying in 2015.
This would prove to be the worst mistake of Johnny Depp’s life.

“Never trust a bisexual” — and I hereby prophesy that Joe Jonas will eventually wish he had heeded that warning. Meanwhile . . .

Did you know that Keith Richards used open-G tuning on “Honky-Tonk Women”? That was a song I played in lots of garage bands over the years, and never knew about how Richards specially tuned his guitar — he’s a big fan of open-G, it seems — until I watched it on YouTube.

Ace of Spades runs down Drew Holden’s Twitter thread about how the media narrative about last summer’s riot near the White House helped Biden’s campaign, e.g. “the real inflection point in our polling was the Lafayette Park incident, when Trump used tear gas on innocent people.” The same media outlets are now trying to pretend that the Inspector General’s report debunking that narrative doesn’t expose them as dishonest partisan propagandists. But meanwhile . . .

Thursday, I asked readers to hit my mother-in-law’s tip jar for the 5K “Walk for Life” to benefit Richland Pregnancy Services in Mansfield, Ohio. When I posted that, she was nearing her $400 goal.

Well, guess what? The final total was more than a thousand dollars.

I thank you, my mother-in-law thanks you and, were they old enough to talk, I’m sure the babies of Richland County would thank you.

UPDATE: Thank to the commenter for pointing out that “Gimme Shelter” is played in open-E tuning. That fiendish Keith Richards again! The vampire junkie is as old as my mother-in-law, y’know. Smokin’ Marlboros, drinking Jack Daniels, doing heroin and yet still he seems destined to live to 100, with his devilish guitar tunings.



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