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Why Do Democrats (and Rick Wilson) Want to Kill Texas Babies So Much?

Posted on | September 3, 2021 | Comments Off on Why Do Democrats (and Rick Wilson) Want to Kill Texas Babies So Much?

In case you missed it this week, the Supreme Court refused to grant an injunction against a new so-called “heartbeat” law in Texas. The law prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detectable, basically six weeks into gestation — which is only about a month after a pregnant woman would have missed her period. Most abortions are performed later than this, and therefore this new law very nearly outlaws abortion. Democrats are having a complete meltdown over the Texas law, with Joe Biden promising a “whole-of-government effort” to ensure that . . .

Well, those Texas babies must die. It’s imperative, for some reason.

This takes us back to the original problem with Roe v. Wade. What had happened, in the few years before that 1973 Supreme Court decision, was that some states had liberalized their abortion laws, while other states hadn’t. Prior to the mid-1960s, it was very difficult to get an abortion in the United States not just because of state laws, but also because the Hippocratic Oath forbids it, and reputable doctors would have nothing to do with such an immoral and unethical practice. In 1970, New York legalized abortions in nearly all cases, up until 24 weeks (i.e., six months) of pregnancy. This created a situation in which pregnant women from other states seeking abortions flocked to New York, where abortionists were very busy for the next few years while the Roe v. Wade (and lesser-known Doe v. Bolton) cases made their way to the Supreme Court, which voted 7-2 to, in effect, apply the New York law nationwide.

As Ronald Reagan said, what the Supreme Court did in this case was to declare the laws of 49 states null and void — based on what? There was nothing at all in the Constitution about abortion, and the 10th Amendment certainly would protect the right of states to legislate in such matters, as in fact they had done for more than 150 years. In his dissent, Justice Byron White described the majority’s ruling in Roe v. Wade as “an exercise of raw judicial power”:

I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court’s judgment. The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right . . . and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes.

Why did this happen? Well, I could write a book on the subject, but such a book has already been written, Intended Consequences: Birth Control, Abortion, and the Federal Government in Modern America by Donald T. Critchlow. Basically, a bunch of wealthy proponents of eugenics (among them an heir to the Rockefeller fortune) were obsessed with what Lothrop Stoddard called The Rising Tide of Color. There were too many brown babies being born, and from this fear emerged the “population control” movement, which advocated “family planning” as the solution.

It was this billionaire-funded movement, with its alarmist rhetoric about the dangers of “overpopulation,” that was the real driving power behind the Roe v. Wade decision, and talk about “women’s rights” was just camouflage for the population control agenda. People let themselves be deceived about this not only because they bought into phony propaganda about the alleged constitutional “right” involved, but also because they didn’t want to deal with the uncomfortable truth.

So now, after nearly half-a-century of conservative promises to do something about the abortion issue, Texas Republicans have finally gone far enough to directly challenge Roe v. Wade, and guess what? The alleged Principled Conservatives™ are against it:

Political commentator Bill Kristol said Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that the new Texas abortion law is “extreme” and “un-American.” . . .
Kristol said, “Well, it’s so extreme. Six-week limit, which is actually less than six weeks if you look at the details of the law, six weeks not from the inception of pregnancy, and then this kind of snitch, you know, snitch on your neighbors’ aspect, which seems pretty un-American.”
He added, “So I think it’s a foolish law from the pro-life point of view. It’s not going to advance the cause. I don’t think it’s going to save a lot of unborn babies honestly in Texas, and it’s going to cause a big backlash in Texas and elsewhere.”

Got that? Texans are “un-American,” according to Bill Kristol. He repeats the Left’s distortions about the law which, as Carrie Severino explains, “allows private citizens to file suit against any person who provides an abortion or aids or abets such an abortion.” How that gets twisted into an “un-American snitch-on-your-neighbors” scheme, I don’t know, but CNN isn’t going to ask Kristol any tough questions about it. The Court went out of its way to emphasize that its denial of an injunction against the Texas law was not “substantive,” but rather they ruled that the challenge to the law was procedurally flawed. This won’t stop the hair-on-fire liberals from running around waving coat hangers at protests. What the Texas legislature has done — and quite cleverly — is to set up a scenario in which abortion providers could go bankrupt trying to defend themselves against lawsuits. Awww, wouldn’t that be a shame, if Planned Parenthood were forced to spend money defending its gruesome business in Texas courts, instead of spending money to help elect Democrats?

You think Democrats are too stupid to see this threat for what it is?

No, Joe Biden and his friends aren’t concerned about the “rights” of Texas women, they’re concerned about the millions of dollars in campaign cash they get from Planned Parenthood. There is a symbiotic relationship between the abortion industry and the Democratic Party, and Texas has put itself in a position to destroy that lucrative nexus.

Meanwhile, Principled Conservative™ Rick Wilson and the Lincoln Project are demanding a business boycott of Texas.

Taking notice of this, RBPundit calls attention to how Rick Wilson used to claim to be against abortion, before Trump broke him.

Ace of Spades really hates these guys, and insists they were always secretly liberals, sabotaging the conservative movement from the inside. Because I’m a cynic, however, I think the correct explanation is that all of these guys were just careerists, in it for the money, and when Trump came along, they saw an opportunity to cash in. That, plus the desire to garner “Strange News Respect” from the liberal media. So by my way of thinking, these guys never really believed in anything but the advancement of their own narrow self-interest, and they don’t believe in anything now. They were, and still are, just political whores.



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