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Posted on | November 19, 2021 | Comments Off on KYLE RITTENHOUSE ACQUITTED ON ALL COUNTS IN KENOSHA

BREAKING NOW! Kenosha jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty.

UPDATE: My prediction had been for a hung jury, as I expected there would be two or three holdouts who would insist that Rittenhouse must be found guilty of something. It is therefore a pleasant surprise that the evidence — which clearly showed that Rittenhouse only fired his AR-15 in self-defense when attacked by rioters — was sufficient to overwhelm any such prejudice against the defendant. The acquittal is not necessarily a vindication of the idea that teenagers should be going to riots while armed with rifles, but it is is a triumph of the rule of law, and the constitutional right of trial by jury. Thank God.

UPDATE: Reactions elsewhere:

The important thing here is what was demonstrated, in terms of our constitutional rights as Americans. The Second Amendment exists for a reason, after all — the armed citizen deters aggression. In a situation such as the Kenosha riots, where violent chaos had overwhelmed the ability of police to keep the peace, Rittenhouse was part of a spontaneously organized group of men who showed up to protect life and property. Rittenhouse was attacked by the deranged criminal JoJo Rosenbaum, and shot Rosenbaum in self-defense. Each subsequent shooting was part of a rapid and confusing situation that developed amid the riot. Public authorities in Wisconsin, who failed to maintain order, are the real villains in this story; the attempt by prosecutors to make Rittenhouse a scapegoat was thwarted by a jury of 12. God bless America!




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