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Feds Are Mystified Why Syrian Named Mohamad Planned Terrorist Attack

Posted on | July 26, 2023 | 1 Comment

Almost as soon as the July 14 shooting happened in Fargo, North Dakota, the media rushed to emphasize that nothing was known about the gunman’s motive. On a Friday afternoon, on a busy street just blocks away from the city’s Downtown Street Fair, there was a traffic accident. When police responded to the accident, they were targeted by gunfire that killed one officer and wounded two others. A civilian was also struck by gunfire during the shootout, in which the suspect was killed.

It was not until 24 hours later that we learned that the suspect was named Mohamad Barakat, but in the June 15 press conference announcing this information, Fargo’s police chief made it a point to declare the shooting happened “for no known reason at all.”

It is a profound mystery, you see, why a guy named Mohamad would want to kill policemen in Fargo, North Dakota. But how did Mohamad get to Fargo? We now know how that part happened:

Barakat arrived in the U.S. from Syria in 2012 as part of former President Barack Obama’s massive wave of Syrian refugees, where nearly 20,000 were admitted from October 2011 to December 2016. Eventually, Barakat gained a green card, allowing him to permanently reside in the country. In 2019, Barakat was allowed to become a naturalized American citizen.

Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama! I’m sure the family of the dead cop is grateful that you brought their son’s killer to America. Daniel Greenfield highlights the continuing “mystery motive” theme:

Authorities said they don’t know why Barakat was planning the attack downtown or why he stopped to shoot officers Friday afternoon.
“In regards to motive, if we had clear evidence of that, we would share it,” North Dakota U.S. Attorney Mac Schneider said.

I’m sure he would. Mac Schneider was a [Democrat] politician who lost a congressional race and got nominated as U.S. Attorney by Joe Biden.

Schneider declined to say if Barakat was on the FBI’s radar.

The FBI’s too busy rounding up Trump supporters to bother investigating guys from Syria named Mohamad. Finally this week, we were informed that the Syrian named Mohamad had a vast arsenal of weapons:

The heavily armed man who ambushed Fargo police officers investigating a fender bender last week likely had a bigger and bloodier attack in mind, with at least two fairs taking place at the time in and around North Dakota’s largest city, authorities said Friday.
Mohamad Barakat killed one officer and wounded two others and a bystander before a fourth officer shot and killed him, ending the July 14 attack.
Over the past five years, Barakat, 37, searched the internet for terms including “kill fast,” “explosive ammo,” “incendiary rounds,” and “mass shooting events,” state Attorney General Drew Wrigley said Friday during a news conference in Fargo, a city of about 125,000 people. But perhaps the most chilling search was for “area events where there are crowds,” which on July 13 brought up a news article with the headline, “Thousands enjoy first day of Downtown Fargo Street Fair.”
Had Officer Zach Robinson not killed Barakat, authorities said they shudder to think how much worse the attack might have been. All evidence suggests that Barakat came upon the traffic crash by “happenstance” and that his ensuing ambush was a diversion from his much bigger intended target, Wrigley said. . . .
On the day of the attack, the downtown fair was in its second day and was less than 3 miles from the crash scene. It’s unclear if it was the intended target, though, as Barakat also searched for information on the Red River Valley Fair, which was just a 6-mile drive from the scene, the attorney general said.
After driving by the fender bender, Barakat pulled into an adjacent parking lot to watch from his parked car, Wrigley said. He said Barakat’s car was loaded with guns, a homemade grenade, more than 1,800 rounds of ammunition, three “largish” containers full of gasoline, plus two propane tanks, one completely filled and the other half-filled not with propane, but with “explosive materials concocted at home, purchased lawfully.”
With police and firefighters busy helping, Barakat watched for several minutes until the officers walked by him, when he lifted a .223-caliber rifle out of his car window and began firing, Wrigley said.
The rifle had a binary trigger that allowed it to fire so rapidly that it sounded like an automatic weapon, he said. A binary trigger is a modification that allows a weapon to fire one round when the trigger is pulled and another when it is released — in essence doubling a gun’s firing capacity. The three officers who were shot had no time to react and fell in rapid succession. He also shot and wounded a fleeing woman, Karlee Koswick, who had been involved in the fender bender, he said.
Robinson, who was badly outgunned but was the only officer at the scene who hadn’t been shot, engaged Barakat in a two-minute shootout. It ended with Robinson shooting and killing Barakat as bystanders crouched nearby.
Wrigley described Robinson as “the last man standing in that blue line at that moment.”
“What he was standing between was not just the horrible events that were unfolding there, but between the horrible events that Mohamad Barakat had envisioned, planned and intended and armed himself for — beyond fully — that day,” he said.
Barakat killed Officer Jake Wallin, 23, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Minnesota Army National Guard, and wounded Officers Andrew Dotas and Tyler Hawes. Wallin and Hawes were so new that they were still undergoing field training.
Barakat was a Syrian national who came to the U.S. on an asylum request in 2012 and became a U.S. citizen in 2019, Wrigley said, adding that he didn’t appear to have any ties to the Muslim community in Fargo. He said Barakat had some family in the U.S., but not in the Fargo area, and that investigators are still looking into his history before he arrived in the country.
In recent years, Barakat amassed his arsenal. And his internet searches about causing mayhem date back to 2018, with periods in which they abated before picking back up, the attorney general said. . . .
Wrigley said Barakat was wearing a vest that was “absolutely stuffed” with magazines and that he “was putting the finishing touches on his shooting skills in the last hours before this assault.”
As for the propane tanks, Wrigley said it was “quite dramatic” when the bomb squad detonated them. He suggested the tanks contained something similar to Tannerite, a commercial explosive that can be easily detonated with a shot from a high-powered rifle.
“Obvious motive to kill,” Wrigley said. “I mean, driven by hate. Driven by wanting to kill. Not particularized to some group that we can discern at this moment, not particularized to one individual that we can see.”
Barakat had worked odd jobs, and briefly trained as an emergency responder at a nearby community college. He had no criminal record or social media presence and had so little contact with other people that the only photo law enforcement could provide was a blurry image of him lifted from a video.

Mohamad from Syria arrives here about 10 years ago, and only “worked odd jobs,” so how could he afford all this weaponry? Really, 1,800 rounds of ammunition? A gun with a modified trigger? Notice that the information about Barakat is coming from the state Attorney General, rather than from federal officials. The feds want to make this case disappear, so they can go back to their usual business of investigating Trump voters and giving sweetheart plea deals to Democrats.



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