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CNN: Distract Much?

Posted on | August 9, 2023 | Comments Off on CNN: Distract Much?

The big news Wednesday was that the House Oversight Committee “has tracked $20 million in payments to Biden Inc.” A few of the details via Ace of Spades:

Foreign oligarchs moved millions to Biden-tied firms before meeting Joe Biden, investigators say
House Oversight Committee now has traced more than $20 million in funds from Russians, Chinese, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Romanians to Biden-tied entities.
Firms tied to the Biden family collected more than $20 million from foreign sources, including big payments from controversial oligarchs who afterwards had private dinners with Joe Biden as vice president, congressional investigators disclosed Wednesday.
In its third memo analyzing bank records, the GOP-led House Oversight and Accountability Committee reported it had found a clear pattern of the Biden family and its partners doing business with Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Chinese and Romanian figures who had legal and other troubles and then collecting money around the times of gaining access to Joe Biden.
The pattern, the congressional investigators noted, corroborates recent testimony from former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer that the presidential son solicited business from foreigners who were seeking influence, access or protection from a family “brand” that included Joe Biden.
“The Biden family’s and associates’ dealings with foreign nationals from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine show a pattern of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer courting wealthy oligarchs with political and financial influence but tainted backgrounds,” the new member to lawmakers on the committee stated.
“Thus far, the Committee has identified over $20 million from foreign sources that benefitted the Biden family and their business associates,” it added.

Much more at the link. This is what professional journalists would call Pretty Goddamned Big News — a smoking gun found next to a bloody corpse — and yet CNN is ignoring it in favor of a wall-to-wall coverage of the “apocalyptic” wildfire in Maui: “Climate change among reasons Hawaii fire could have spread so quickly, scientist says.”

Let us not minimize the destruction in Hawaii, which has already killed six people. However, in the grand scheme of things — 20 people have already been shot to death in Chicago this month — this wildfire is not as important as confirmation that Biden was on the take while serving as vice president in the Obama administration. People watching CNN, however, have no inkling about what the House Oversight Committee has found, because nobody at CNN is going to mention this.

There’s a reason why Paw Patrol has higher ratings than CNN.



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