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Debate Aftermath: The Media React

Posted on | August 25, 2023 | Comments Off on Debate Aftermath: The Media React

When I asked Thursday if anybody had watched Wednesday’s Trump-less Republican debate, I didn’t realize my blog buddy John Hoge had subjected himself to that ordeal, his account of which concludes with the question: “Is it 2025 yet?” Meanwhile, in the corporte media . . .

Chris Christie hit with ‘lots of boos’
after GOP debate introduction

Fox News

The winners and losers
from the first Republican debate

Washington Post

The Most Unsettling
Presidential Debate Spectacle Ever

Talking Points Memo

 ‘Climate Change Agenda Is a Hoax,’ Says
Surging GOP Candidate at Debate

Rolling Stone

 Nikki Haley Is the Best Trump Alternative
David Brooks, NY Times

The GOP’s Dispiriting Display
Tom Nichols, The Atlantic

Vivek Ramaswamy is America’s

The Guardian

The way you can tell that Vivek Ramaswamy did well in the debate is that the media have now begun attacking him, in quite the same way that they’ve been attacking Ron DeSantis for the past several months. Whereas, by the same token, you know Asa Hutchinson has no chance of winning because the media never say anything bad about him.

Does anyone remember 2019? The media spent most of that year acting as unofficial cheerleaders for Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris because — to explain their likely reasoning — Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton had aroused the wrath of women (the pink pussy-hat wearing Women’s March) and therefore, it was time for the Democratic Party to nominate another woman. But Kamala ran out of gas before she ever got to the Iowa primary, then Elizabeth Warren flopped badly in New Hampshire and, rather suddenly, the media were faced with the certain-defeat scenario of Democrats nominating Bernie Sanders. Suddenly, James Carville was all over MSNBC and CNN proclaiming that the party MUST rally behind Joe Biden, and that’s what happened. And the media messaging was transparently partisan the whole time.

Ergo, the fact that the media want us to pay attention to a bunch of losers like Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie means . . . ? Yes, exactly: We should ignore those clowns, because the media are our enemy.

UPDATE: NBC News went full Godwin’s Law:

So, the secret Nazi is . . . a brown guy named “Ramaswamy.” Gotcha.

(Hat-tip: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.)



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