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In The Mailbox: 09.07.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.


357 Magnum: “People are at a point where they are protecting themselves.”
EBL: No One Puts Baby Biden In A Corner!, also, American Masters: Wyeth
Twitchy: Anti-police activist discovers the consequences of dismantling the police, Stephen King Tries Picking Fight With Dan Bongino And Only Gets Misery, and WH Signals Florida & Hawaii Can Kick Rocks Until Congress Approves More $$$ For Ukraine
Louder With Crowder: YouTube just gave us a strike for a FIFTEEN month old video and here’s our response, Eric Adams no longer likes city’s brand as a sanctuary city, now rants illegals “will destroy New York City”, and Progressive CA State Senator Calls To Redefine Child Abuse To Include ‘Not Affirming’ Your Child
Vox Popoli: This is WWIII, An Exclusive Look, A UATV Offer, Losing Africa, and We See Too Much
Gab News: Upholding Free Speech Amidst The Censorship Machine
Flappr: Ranked – The Top Five Cloth Off Videos

American Conservative: Debates Over Arlington’s Confederate Memorial
American Greatness: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Gripes About Mass Influx of Illegal Aliens; Says They ‘Will Destroy’ the City
American Thinker: The Death of Informed Consent, Trump’s Movement Transcends Politics, and Groomers, BLM, and the ADL: Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Impeachment News
Babalu Blog: Canadian government warns all travelers to Cuba: ‘exercise high degree of caution’, Human rights abuser Cuba fiercely campaigns for seat on UN Human Rights Council, and Hacked documents reveal details of Russia’s recruitment of Cubans for war in Ukraine
BattleSwarm: Austin Police: “Got Robbed? Don’t Dial 911, We Don’t Have Enough Cops To Respond”, One Soros DA Gone, Another Targeted, and Ukraine Drone Hits Russian Fab
Behind The Black: Targeted layoffs at Blue Origin, MOXIE completes its last run on Mars, producing oxygen from the atmosphere, Ingenuity flies on, completing its 57th flight, Layered glaciers in two small Martian craters, and Judge to blacklisting Maine governor: The lawsuit against your COVID jab mandate will continue
CDR Salamander: DEPSECDEF Hicks’ “Replicator” Speech – 80% Cringe, 20% Excellence
Chicago Boyz: The Tottering Colossus
Da Tech Guy: Review: Season 3 of Ragnarok on Netflix, Pintastic 2023 T -3 The People Behind the Scenes, In Honor of Mexico’s Berlin Wall Move Biden Should Vow Not to Prevent Any Person From Leaving the US Who Wishes To, My COVID pledge, and Why Kurt is Right and My Friend is Wrong
Don Surber: Getting Black People Not To Vote For Biden
First Street Journal: #COVID19: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”, Did $24 million of SEPTA’s money go up in smoke?, You in a heap o’ trouble, boy! and Democrats Now Want Ground Rules On Presidential Impeachment
Gates Of Vienna: Subsidizing Our Own Demise and Other Disturbing Mollycoddling, Cultural Enrichment Comes to City Hall, The Cultural Enrichment of Logatec, Airbrushing the English Out of Historical Existence, and Wheels on Fire
The Geller Report: Arizona University Nursing School Teaching Future Nurses That 3-Year-Olds Can Know If They Are Trans, also, BIDENOMICS: Gas Prices Reach Highest Level to Begin September in Over 10 Years
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Don’t Know Much About A Science Book, and 9io9
Hollywood In Toto: Sound of Freedom Nabs No. 1 Slot in 18 Latin American Countries, Woody Allen Perfectly Captures Hollywood’s Moral Confusion, Promised Land Star & Director Stumped by Insane Diversity Question, and Why Good Boy Does What Few Films Can
The Lid: Now, The World Recognizes Palestinian Hatred….But For How Long?
Legal Insurrection: University Rescinds ‘Unconstitutional’ Security Fee Charged to Conservative Group That Hosted Michael Knowles, Georgia’s Largest Hospital System Drops Christmas Eve as Paid Holiday, Adds Juneteenth, FIRE Ranks Harvard Dead Last for Free Speech, Biden Faces Backlash After Ending Oil and Gas Leases in Alaska, and DOJ Crushes J6 Defendants, Excuses BLM Rioters Since ‘a Riot is the Language of the Unheard’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Well, Darn it all! also, Y’all got so lucky!
Outkick: Grow Up: Arkansas State’s Butch Jones Hints That Negativity Around His Program Is From Tennessee Fans, ESPN Vs. Charter Could Be The End Of The Cable Bundle…And Sports As We Know It , Cris Collinsworth Already Catching Heat For Absurd Patrick Mahomes Comment, Pat McAfee Begins ESPN Era Appropriately With Sarcastic Disclaimer That Includes Typo, Tuscaloosa Hotels And AirBnbs For Alabama/Texas Cost As Much As A Car, and The Bikini Bartenders At Florida’s Undertow Beach Bar Are Incredible Athletes
Power Line: A Neoconservative Is a Liberal Who Has Been Mugged, Felony murder in a good cause: Byron York revisits, and NYC Mayor Adams: Trump Was Right About the Border
Shark Tank: DeSantis – Coof Mandates Will Never Return To Florida
Shot In The Dark: Been Down This Road Before, also, It’s A Start
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Judges vs. Bans: Bans On Gender Surgeries For Kids; Bans On Abortion; Band On Drag Shows For Kids
This Ain’t Hell: NATO versus Russia, Romania avoids close call, Tuberville’s Delayed Flags May Grow to 650, This is my shocked face. No, really, Five More Accounted For, Chinese nationals pretending to be spies to get into U.S. Military bases, and Leave no man behind. Unless you’re Joe Biden
Transterrestrial Musings: Pixel Valhalla, Is The White House Holding Up The Starship Test Flight?, U.S. Space Command, and The Green-Energy Inflation-Reduction Act
Victory Girls: Politicians And Playlists: You’re Trying Too Hard
Volokh Conspiracy: What Explains the Discourse on 303 Creative?
Watts Up With That: The Energy Bill is an Attack on Freedom and Home Ownership, also, Frankly Embarrassing’: Manchin Unloads on Biden Admin for Restricting Alaskan Oil
The Federalist: China’s Coal Boom Shows Its Empty Climate Commitments Are Red, Not Green, Tucker’s Interview With Obama Accuser Follows The Media’s Standard For Covering Sex Scandals, Despite Media Pearl-Clutching, Paxton Has A Clear Path To Beating Impeachment, Before Elon Sues For Defamation, The ADL And Media Should Be Prosecuted For Conspiracy, ProPublica Editor-In-Chief Who Stirred Up Clarence Thomas Smears Built His Career On False Insinuation, and Biden Cancels ‘All Remaining’ Leases Congress Issued In Arctic Refuge, Further Gutting American Energy
Mark Steyn: Elon Musk Takes on the ADL

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