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In The Mailbox: 10.06.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

So much for getting caught up this week.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

It’s his dream. It’s his nightmare. (@DaminToell on X)

357 Magnum: Cops Don’t Believe The Law Applies To Them
EBL: Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Very Bad Tuesday, Everybody Shimmies Now, Your phone will make your head explode if you don’t turn it off in time, Is Saudi Arabia the most “doomed country”?  and Men, Best To Avoid Women Journalists Like Molly Knight or crappy rag she writes for the Athletic
Twitchy: Murdered Lefty Activist Ryan Carson Had A Nasty Habit Of Celebrating Dead Conservatives, Scott Smith Files Title IX Lawsuit Against Loudoun County, and About That “Spectacular” September Jobs Report – The Numbers & Data Don’t Add  Up
Louder With Crowder: Aaron Rodgers hits Travis Kelce where it hurts, calls Taylor Swift’s boyfriend “Mr. Pfizer”, “Plus-Size” Influencer Calls For Hotels To Widen Hallways, Lifts And Bathrooms, “Way to cheat, bro:” Dude ranked 172nd in high school track. Then he became a girl. Now she’s ranked 4th! After Patriotic Student Walkout, School District Votes That Male Students Can’t Use The Girls’ Bathroom Anymore, and Watch: Dude walks around Costco showing the REAL cost of inflation Biden and the media won’t
Vox Popoli: The Decisive Turn, The Baen Brigade Keeps Biting Ankles, India Knew Russia Would Win, Norman Rockwell Paints Clown World, He Used to Vote Republican Too, and Never Back Down
Stoic Observations: The Nationalization Of The American Psyche
Flappr: The Big TDs Football Blog – NFC Review

Adam Piggott: Francis is not the not-pope that you think he is, A Church Divided, and Smart is the New Stupid
American Conservative: Orcs Are Roaming Freely, Egalitarian Conservatism? Yes, We Can, and Base American Policy in Ukraine on American Interests 
American Greatness: Greenpeace Canada Co-Founder: ‘We are not in a climate crisis’, Josh Hawley Introduces Legislation to Allow Border States to Deport Illegal Immigrants, and After Allowing 8 Million Illegal Aliens to Enter Country, the Biden Regime Decides to Revive Border Wall Construction in Texas
American Thinker: Donald J. Trump, the Hero Who Stands Alone, Biden Selling out the U.S., 2024: The Trump Boom vs. the Biden Bust, The Real Motive for Jan. 6, and Never Forget the Jan. 6 Defendants
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Animal’s Daily Bleached Cows News, Animal’s Hump Day News, and Animal’s Daily Near Future News
Babalu Blog: Parents of very young Cuban soldiers in Ukraine fear sons have been killed in battle, Over 300 acts of oppression in Cuba during the month of September, Another building collapse in Havana traps residents and first responders under debris, Cuba has received $200 million in oil from Mexico this year, and Where the money goes in communist Cuba
BattleSwarm: Texas Speed Trap City Dissolves Police Force, Scenes From San Francisco’s Decline, Our Incompetent Media: A Snapshot, BREAKING: McCarthy Ousted From Speaker’s Chair, and Third Special Session: School Choice and Colony Ridge
Behind The Black: Distorted Martian craters, Satellite data shows this year’s ozone hole one of the biggest on record, Northrop Grumman abandons its own proposed space station; partners with Voyager’s Starlab, Japan’s space agency JAXA studying new reusuable rocket concepts, SLIM leaves Earth orbit and is on its way to the Moon, and Today’s blacklisted American: Man’s life ruined because a black man slandered him for profit
Cafe Hayek: The Ultimate Knowledge Problem, Reality Doesn’t Change Simply By Being Repeatedly Misrepresented, A Conversation With John J. Miller About Adam Smith, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Some facts about income inequality”, and Follow the Rules
CDR Salamander: LCS’ Long, Sad, & Early Goodbye, also, The Saga of the Ticos
Chicago Boyz: Stories and Society, also, Sputnik + 66
Da Tech Guy: The Navy…always ready with misinformation! Kennedy Running as an Independent Will Make Things Interesting, Six months that shook the marketing world, Matt Patrica is Laughing his Ass off Right Now, What the Democrat Left is by Kirk, and Philadelphia: A city on the brink of chaos
Don Surber: McCarthy Gets Liz Cheneyed, also, Popcorn or toasted marshmallows?
First Street Journal: World War III Watch: The British might send ‘advisors’ and ‘training’ troops to Ukraine, Killadelphia: The city’s white, liberal elite were appalled at Josh Kruger’s murder, but didn’t even notice the killings of four ‘nobodies’, and Bill Kristol and the Neocons sure love them some war
Gates Of Vienna: The Ugly Minority Freakshow, Rough Justice in the Forest, Geert Wilders: “Imported Violence in Almost All Our Cities”, Emmanuel “Unvaxed” Macron, Invasion of the Country Snatchers, and Thousands of New Gendarmes… Why?
The Geller Report: In Case You Forgot: The Accomplishments of President Trump, HORROR FOOTAGE: EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF FEDERAL CONTRACTORS DELIVERING CHILDREN ACROSS THE UNITED STATES, Acting Speaker Patrick McHenry Orders Pelosi to Vacate Her Capitol Secret Hideaway Office by Wednesday, Newsweek: FBI Created New Category to Go After Trump Followers as 2024 Election Nears, and Fifth Circuit Court Rules President Biden Cannot Censor Speech on Social Media Platforms
Hogewash: Uranus, Then Why Order the Razor Wire Cut? Good News, But Does This Headline Confuse Progressives, What’s Up for October, 2023, Double Quasars, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Bill Burr Predicts a ‘Revolt’ Against Cancel Culture, Are Cops Allowed to Be the Good Guys Yet? Muzzle Gives K9 Cops Their Due, Free to Choose Mini-Doc Captures Chilling Attacks on Comedy, and The Morning Show Goes All-in on Abortion, Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection’
The Lid: Trump & Lawyers Speak Out At New York Fraud Case… Taking Defiant Stand, Gang of Biden Illegals Kidnap 3 Minnesota Girls – Hold Them in Rape House for Days, and Horrible Crime: Man Sent To Jail For Calling A Journalist A Fat Lesbian
Legal Insurrection: ‘Literally Empty’: CVS Pharmacy in Washington, DC, is Routinely Ransacked by Large Group of Kids, Oberlin College Finally To Return Drawing Stolen By Nazis To Heirs Of Jewish Holocaust Victim, After 17-Year Refusal, Army Corps of Engineers to Solve “Nation’s Toughest Engineering Challenges” Through “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”, IRS Consultant Charged With Leaking Tax Information on Trump and Others to the Media, Groundbreaking Win For Parents: WI State Court Rules Against School’s Secret Gender Transitioning Policy, Investigation Finds Biden Administration Has Awarded Over $100 Million in Transgender Research Grants, and German Government ‘Rebukes’ Elon Musk for Criticizing State-Funded NGOs Helping Illegal Migrant Cross Mediterranean
Nebraska Energy Observer: Recessional, More information, October! and Zombies
Outkick: LeBron James Publicly Begs To Be Guest On Kelce Brothers’ Podcast And Rightfully Gets Called Out, Hotel Rooms Booked By Army-Navy Fans And Service Members Reportedly Being Taken By Massachusetts To House Migrants, Trevor Bauer Accuser Lindsey Hill Gives Lewd Interview With Alex Stein, Baker Mayfield Caught On Mic Making Vulgar Comment, Urban Meyer To Interview For Michigan State Job? According To One Report, Yes It’s Happening, and Media Smeared Trevor Bauer. And Now Has Little To Say
Power Line: What Keeps the Lights On? If Wind and Solar Get Any Cheaper, We’ll All Go Broke, Suicide of the House, The Pangloss-Pétain Presidency, and Who Loves the Intelligence Community?
Shark Tank: Conservative Senators Push For Ban On Gender Transition Surgery Funding
Shot In The Dark: Where Credit Is Due – Grandma Bea, Where Credit Is Due – Oskar Berg, Soundtrack Part 2, Soundtrack Part 1, and Where Credit Is Due Part 1
The Political Hat: The Punishment For Knocking Up Your Disabled Daughter In Canada? House Arrest… If you Are Black, also, Everyone Is Invited To This Playdate Social… Except For White Kids
This Ain’t Hell: An Air Force squadron banned alcohol consumption outside of living quarters, Majority of Retired 4-Stars Employed by Defense Industry, Army Recruiting – again, Air Force lowers standards, still misses recruiting goal, Pentagon official charged with running dog fighting ring, executing losers, and Alaska Training Fatalities
Transterrestrial Musings: “Building A Deeply Inclusive Culture”, Twenty Years Of Blogging, College Kids, and Starliner
Victory Girls: Commander Leaves White House, Biden Can’t Have Dogs Anymore, Grifter Meghan Markle Wanted Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Seat, and Sage Steele “Saddest Thing” Interview With Biden
Volokh Conspiracy: Is Sen.-to-be Butler Eligible to Represent California?, also, The Demand for Political Misinformation is a Bigger Problem than the Supply—Even in the Age of AI
Watts Up With That: The Irony of “Green” Charging Stations: The Harris Ranch Tesla Supercharger Station, Is Much of Washington State Experiencing Severe and Extreme Drought?, and The Energy Transition is Social Vandalism
The Federalist: Authoritarian Thugs Continue Their Persecution Of Jack Phillips, 10 Ways Democrats Are Already Rigging The 2024 Election, WaPo’s Philip Bump Shills For The Chinese Communist Party By Calling Its Name ‘Pejorative’, After Ignoring Violent BLM Riots, FBI Targets Trump Supporters For Breaking Anti-Riot Laws, This Activist Wife Schmoozes The Get-Trump White House While Her Prosecutor Husband Jails J6ers, Senate Republicans Urge Pentagon To Yank Security Clearance Of Official With Reported Ties To Iran, and Promoting Porn In School Libraries Is The Real Problem, Not ‘Banned Books’
Mark Steyn: Shagged Out, Buried Truth: Richard III and Toxic Males in The Lost King, Cowardice and Cancellation, The Cosplay Candidates, and Comply with Me, Comply, Comply Away

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