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In The Mailbox: 10.06.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

Couldn’t hurt.

357 Magnum: Concealed Carry In LA
EBL: Joe Biden Beats His Dogs (what a bastard), Dick Butkus RIP, MAGA Speaker of the House, and BIDENOMICS
Twitchy: Twitter Tries To Figure Out What’s Wrong With The VP, Will The Real Fascists Please Stand Up? and Joy Reid & Ben Collins Join In REEEEEing About Elon Musk
Louder With Crowder: Congressman Jim Jordan will be the next Speaker of the House, Keith Olbermann lashes out at reporter for accurately reporting the accusations against Trevor Bauer were bulls***, and Teacher on leave after being caught watching porn in front of students, enjoying himself a little bit too much
Vox Popoli: Perhaps She Just…Evolved? Vaxxing the Proles, and Psyop City: Population One
According To Hoyt: Two Sides, Fall Is Coming, and Rad
Monster Hunter Nation: Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever Is Out!
Jon Del Arroz: WTF Did I Just Watch In The Ahsoka Finale?
Gab News: What Is Toxic Masculinity?

Adam Piggott: Stories, not Arguments
American Conservative: After Shutdown Missteps, McConnell’s Leadership on Unsure Footing
American Greatness: Pennsylvania School District Reverses Transgender Bathroom Policy After Student Protest
American Thinker: The Party’s Over, also, Marx Was a Bastard
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Federal Overreach Friday
Babalu Blog: Cuban pitcher defects during tournament in Puerto Rico, When the Castro dictatorship deployed Cuban soldiers in the Yom Kippur War to destroy Israel, and Immigration demagoguery meets reality
Baldilocks: I apologize
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for October 6
Behind The Black: Another lawsuit filed against SpaceX, India’s government confirms its policy to transition to private enterprise in space, ULA’s Atlas-5 rocket launches first two Kuiper satellites, Gale Crater as seen by Curiosity from the heights of Mount Sharp, and Real pushback: Student walkout in September forces school board to rescind queer bathroom policy
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Hood Ornament
Da Tech Guy: 5 Speaker Overboard Thoughts Under the Fedora, Why is Nobody Asking the Obvious Question Here? To win future elections Republicans must fight the Culture War, and Why The Answer to Brit Hume’s Question For the Left is Easy (But not for the reason you might think)
Don Surber: The Child Sex Surgery Liberals Oppose
Gates Of Vienna: Homeless Woman Raped by a Culture-Enricher in Bologna, The Perils of Multicultural Pedagogy, The Pandemic that Never Was Can Never End, Mass Shooting in Bangkok, Women of Unusual Size, and The Murder of Lola Daviet, One Year Later
The Geller Report: Teachers’ Union Wants Homeless People To Sleep on Public School Grounds
Hogewash: Only Kidding? Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, National Poetry Day, and LFBOT
Hollywood In Toto: Why Child’s Play Remains the Creepiest Chucky Close-up, Disney Got Exactly What It Wanted, and Woke Totally Killer Misses Its Huge Potential
The Lid: Texas Gov. Abbott Proposes JAIL TIME For Illegal Migrants In Special Legislative Session
Legal Insurrection: Report: FBI Targeting Donald Trump Supporters as Threats to 2024 Election, Iowa Democratic Primary Moved to Super Tuesday, Appeals Court Blocks School District’s Policy Mandating ‘Respect’ for Gender Identity, California School Districts Defy Newsom by Adopting Policies Requiring Parental Notification About ‘Trans’ Kids, and Hillary Calls for ‘Deprogramming’ Trump Supporters
Nebraska Energy Observer: It’s not all TV
Outkick: Virginia Swimmers Unite, Speak Out After Biological Male Pulls A Lia Thomas, Al Michaels Claims He Hasn’t Knowingly Eaten A Vegetable In 78 Years, From Duke Lacrosse To Trevor Bauer: The Media’s Disgusting Failures , and Mike Freeman Strikes Again, This Time Attacking Aaron Rodgers For Calling Travis Kelce ‘Mr. Pfizer’
Power Line: Hillary Clinton Goes With the Pho, Mending wall, Baseball Is Better Than Politics, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Steube & De La Cruz Decry Biden Border Barrier As Political Calculation
Shot In The Dark: Where Credit Is Due – Don & Pat Hall, also, Soundtrack Part 4
This Ain’t Hell: The irony. Or the hypocrisy, your choice, Valor Friday, Marines killed in car crash; justice demanded for off duty cop, Dismal Return Rate for Troops Discharged Over Vax Mandate, Military helicopter noises contribute to Australian crocodile mating, and Illegal alien steals disabled veteran’s identity, later convicted of murder under that name
Transterrestrial Musings: Potemkin Village
Victory Girls: Army Strongly Considering 10-20% Cut To Special Ops Forces
Volokh Conspiracy: Kurt Lash on “The Meaning and Ambiguity of Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment”
Watts Up With That: Superfund Cleanups Descend Into Uncertainty, The Jupiter Effect: The Hubris of Green Central Planners, and Update On Offshore Wind Projects Off The Mid-Atlantic and New England
The Federalist: Nicaragua’s Anti-Christian Ortega Regime Sentenced A Faithful Bishop To 26 Years Behind Bars, Hunter Biden Is So Used To Being Above The Law, He’s Citing A Rejected Plea Deal To Claim ‘Immunity’, Biden Evades The Constitution By Letting Failed Nominees Be De Facto Agency Heads, ‘Health And Safety Nightmare’: Homeless Encampments Permanently Shut Down Denver Gay Bar, Newsom Didn’t Veto The Anti-Parent Trans Bill To Protect Kids, and Hillary Clinton Wants Trump Voters To Undergo A ‘Formal Deprogramming’
Mark Steyn: And Then There Were None, The Flaccid Populace’s Channel, and Live Around the Planet

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