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In The Mailbox: 10.11.12

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Bosch Fawstin’s Pigman knows.

357 Magnum: Concealed Carry In Chicago
EBL: Paige Spiranac, Steve Scalise likely going to be next Speaker of the House, and The Devil Conspiracy
Twitchy: Straight Talk To Queers For Palestine, Harvard Student Group “Retracts Its Signature” From Pro-Hamas Statement, and Retired Admiral Concerned That Tommy Tuberville Is Keeping US Out Of Combat In Gaza
Louder With Crowder: What Are You Doing Step-Terrorist?! Mia Khalifa FIRED For Hamas Support! Aaron Rodgers issues a challenge to “Mr. Pfizer” Travis Kelce, tells him to bring a friend, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Gaza) refuses to admit that Hamas chopping off babies’ heads is a bad thing
Vox Popoli: Too Soon? Thus Spake Spacebunny, Juden Peterstein, and Israel Caught Lying
Draw & Talk Comics: The Final Comic Of 2023 – Burn The House Down Now!
Flappr: Misadventures In Internet Pr0n With

American Conservative: Should Conservatives Play By The Rules? Hedging Against a Trump Victory, and Conserving the New Deal
American Greatness: House GOP Vows Probe of Biden Administration’s Unfreezing of $6 Billion for Iran, Biden’s VP Office Exchanged Emails With Hunter, His Brother Jim, and Both of their Businesses OVER 29,000 TIMES, and Hamas Leader Calls For Global Day of Rage on Friday: ‘This is the Time for Jihad’
American Thinker: The Seven Dirty Secrets of Solar Energy, also, America at the Crossroads: A Free Republic or a Police State?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cuba reelected to UN Human Rights council despite human rights abuses and terrorism support, Cuba continues to support Hamas’ savage terrorist attack on Israel, and Movie about Cuba’s female political prisoners wins best foreign film award at Toronto film festival
BattleSwarm: ATF Pistol Brace Regulations Blocked, also, Verifying the Hamas Baby Beheading
Behind The Black: Astrobotic resumes suborbital test flights of assets purchased from Masten bankruptcy, South Korea is in final negotiations to cancel two Russian launch contracts, Massive landslide in Martian canyon, October 11 Quick space links, and You can’t negotiate with someone who wants to kill you
CDR Salamander: Gaza COA Decision Brief
Chicago Boyz: The New Pogrom
Da Tech Guy: Once upon a time in Israel, Five Completely Non Israel Things Under the Fedora, The Most Important Question for Americans (not America) in the Wake of the Response by BLM & Democrat Socialists to Hamas’ Baby Beheaders, and Harvard, Columbia, NY Law et/all about to Become Post War Germany & France
Don Surber: Donald The Inevitable
First Street Journal: 1,891 lives saved in Kentucky! The Israeli-Hamas War and the frustration of the Usual Suspects, and A surprising (?) new twist in the Josh Kruger case
Gates Of Vienna: Report From Sderot: Day 4, Éric Zemmour: “Israel’s Struggle is That of Our Civilization”, Pinkwashing the Perps, The Gaza War — in Thailand, Portuguese Casualties of Hamas, and New Germans in Neukölln Celebrate Hamas
The Geller Report: American Jihad: Thousands of Terror-Linked Migrants Stopped at U.S. Southern Border, Hamas Terror Leader Calls Muslims Around the World To Global Day Of Jihad on Friday the 13th, Calls for Blood, and Mayor of America’s First Muslim Majority City Council Declares ‘No Peace’ With Israel
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, MIRI Looks at NGC 346
Hollywood In Toto: Schwarzenegger Calls for Trump’s Border Wall (But Won’t Use the Word), Ryan Long Humiliates Virtue-Signaling Stars (And Much More), and Colbert, Kimmel Make Hamas Terrorism All About … Trump
The Lid: Despite His Claims, Data Shows Biden Has Hardly Deported Anyone in Three Years
Legal Insurrection: Law Firm Rescinds Job Offer to NYU Law Student After She Claims Support for Hamas, American Higher Education Has a Serious Hamas Problem, Cornell U. DEI Director Under Fire for Describing Hamas Terror Attacks as a ‘Resistance’, Appeals Court Upholds Tennessee Voter Fraud Law Restricting Absentee Ballot Application Distribution, Penn State Students Arrested After Flipping Table at Riley Gaines Event, and House Republicans Nominate Scalise for Speaker, But Vote Likely Not Happening Today
Nebraska Energy Observer: There’s more, also, The Wages of Danegeld
Outkick: How Does Shedeur Sanders Not Have A Watch Deal? The Deion Sanders Effect Trickles Down To The Philadelphia Phillies Before Showdown With Atlanta Braves, Olivia Dunne Rocks Air Force Hoodie In Patriotic TikTok, Reminds Everyone America Is Awesome, Steelers Fans Crash Penguins Home Opener With ‘Fire Matt Canada’ Chants, LIV Golf Furious With OWGR’s Decision To Not Reward World Ranking Points, Swiss Soccer Player Alisha Lehmann Says A Well-Known Celebrity Offered Her More Than $100k For A One Night Stand, and Houston Doesn’t Have A Problem With Bye, Days Off, Or Road – Advances to ALCS With Win At Minnesota
Power Line: BLM Is a Racist Hate Group, Intelligence Failure, and A word from Bari Weiss
Shark Tank: Eskamani Calls Out DeSantis Over Iran Sanctions
Shot In The Dark: Dr. James Blake, Anti-Democratic, Soundtrack Part 7, and Sincere Sober Suggestion
This Ain’t Hell: Intel weenie attempts to spy for China, Four More Accounted For, American arms and ammunition for Israel, US commando mission not ruled out, and Navy Recruiting Fails
Victory Girls: Speaker Race: Scalise Wins Nomination, So Was It Worth It?
Volokh Conspiracy: “Trying to ‘Absofuckinglutely’ Take Down a Montana Business” Creates Personal Jurisdiction Based on Defendant’s Online Statements
Watts Up With That: Bad Policy: Germany Keeps Making Its Energy Increasingly Expensive, Fueling Inflation, Australia’s Answer to Greta Thunberg Faces Years In Jail, and Electric Grid Reliability: Texas vs. EPA
The Federalist: With SCOTUS Poised To Rein In Out-Of-Control Bureaucrats, Leftists Lash Out, Indulging The Left’s Historical Revisionism Has Consequences, Hamas Attack Is A Warning To America About The Risks Of Our Open Border, Why Calling For Israel’s ‘Restraint’ Is Depraved And Offensive, Why Elon Musk Nuking X Headlines Is A Good Thing, Shocker! Embracing Drag Queens Didn’t Fix The Navy’s Recruiting Crisis, and The U.S. Money Trail With Iran Is Worse Than You Think
Mark Steyn: Climate of Fear, Sleepless in Gaza, Fly the (Hamas) Flag! and Proportionate about Gang Rape

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