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Michelle Goldberg, After Lying Down With Jew-Hating Dogs, Expresses Chagrin About Waking Up With Jew-Hating Fleas

Posted on | October 12, 2023 | Comments Off on Michelle Goldberg, After Lying Down With Jew-Hating Dogs, Expresses Chagrin About Waking Up With Jew-Hating Fleas

Liberalism is many things, including a job qualification for journalists. Is there anyone who thinks Michelle Goldberg would be working for the New York Times if she were anything but a liberal? It’s not just that she writes badly, but rather that she cannot think clearly. If your stock in trade is bad writing in support of bad ideas, the only way you can find work is to be a liberal, Michelle Goldberg got her start at the worthless Salon-dot-com, and if she ever wrote anything worth reading, I missed it. Anyway, here’s her column today:

The Massacre in Israel
and the Need for a Decent Left

On Tuesday evening, I was drinking on the porch of my friend and neighbor Misha Shulman, the Israel-born rabbi of a progressive New York synagogue called the New Shul. All day, he’d been on the phone with congregants deeply distraught over the massacres and mass kidnappings in Israel. Of all the people he spoke to, he said, those most devastated were either people who had lost close friends or family, or young Jews “completely shattered by the response of their lefty friends in New York,” who were either justifying Hamas’s atrocities or celebrating them outright.
This sense of deep betrayal is not limited to New York. Many progressive Jews have been profoundly shaken by the way some on the left are treating the terrorist mass murder of civilians as noble acts of anticolonial resistance. . . .

This could only be surprising to those who have paid no attention to the Jew-hating climate on university campuses fostered by the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement. Was any conservative surprised by the pro-Hamas rally in New York? Or were we surprised when Black Lives Matter celebrated this terrorist attack? I don’t think so. Some of us had noticed how there was a remarkable rise in anti-Semitic hate in the black community after the George Floyd riots of 2020. And so for BLM to celebrate the atrocities committed by the “Palestinian resistance” was entirely predictable.

Anyway, you can read the rest of Goldberg’s latest embarrassing column, if you’re a masochist. Ann Althouse notes that “Goldberg gets in a shot at conservatives,” because, of course, she must. That’s her racket, taking shots at conservatives, even when her own leftist “allies” are celebrating terrorism.



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