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In The Mailbox: 10.18.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Still sufficiently worn out from the convention that I called in sick to the Security Site tour and just went home, where I slept for five hours before rising to take care of this.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

He actually is an astrophysicist.

357 Magnum: Apple Doesn’t Care If You’re Being Stalked
EBL: The Battle of Saratoga and the Surrender of General Burgoyne, Nikki Haley wants to let in 1,000,000 Palestinian Refugees? and Bad Sisters
Twitchy: A ‘Disheveled’ Biden Wandered Around AF1 Talking to Reporters (While WH Staff Looked ‘Terrified’), Rep. Rashida Tlaib Breaks Down in Tears Over That Hospital Israel Bombed, and We Found The BEST thread on Victoria’s Secret Walking Back Wokeness
Louder With Crowder: Please enjoy watching this climate whacko get plowed into the ground by a nun, Guy chooses wrong car for TikTok’s “Kia Challenge,” gets throttled all over the streets of Chicago by the owner, and Britney Spears Claims She Got An Abortion While Dating Timberlake Because He ‘Didn’t Want To Be A Father’
Vox Popoli: Why You Don’t Sell, Defending the Narrative, YouTube Aims Left, It is a Mystery, From the Maine to the Maddox, and Ideology is Dead

American Conservative: In Israel-Palestine, We Now Hear the Last Gasps of Globalization, also, Katy Faust for Big Marriage
American Greatness: Our Post-Hamas Wreckage, House GOP Introduces Bill to Block Palestinian Refugees from Coming into the U.S., and University of Pennsylvania Loses Major Donor and Board Member over Anti-Semitism
American Thinker: Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Warming, It’s The Border, Stupid! and A Time for Good People to Fight Back
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Failing Joe News
Babalu Blog: Number of political prisoners in Cuba continues to rise
BattleSwarm: Dan Patrick Says Dade Phelan Must Go, LinkSwarm for October 13, No Wonder They’re Scared Of Elon Musk, Russia’s Avdiivka Offensive: Lots Of Pain, Little Gain, and Republicans Flip Louisiana Governor’s Mansion
Behind The Black: New Io images from Juno, Blue Origin announces another big project with few details, Red China to launch its second lunar relay communications satellite next year, NASA to award small contracts to develop universal payload interfaces, and Very bad things are on the verge of happening
Cafe Hayek: Kvetching, On James Buchanan, Kenneth Elzinga, and Antitrust, and Free Trade Isn’t the Problem
CDR Salamander: Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Still The Lioness Of The West
Chicago Boyz: The Atrocity in Israel
Da Tech Guy: This week College students across the United States proved just how brainwashed they are, Suddenly Uncle Sam Wants White Males Again, Redefining “violence” in Norfolk, The Perfect Example of How Hell Works & The Jewish Left’s Sudden Encounter With Reality, and I’m Old Enough to Remember When the Left Insisted “All Lives Matter” is a Racist Dog Whistle!
Dana Loesch: House Speaker Fight Round 2 – Electric Boogaloo
Don Surber: Hamas went too far
First Street Journal: I love it when a plan comes together ..and when someone else’s plans fall apart! How many people knew about Josh Kruger’s (alleged) activities? This is what’s wrong with Cracker Barrel, and “There are no friendly civilians!”
Gates Of Vienna: Have Machete Will Travel, The Abomination That Is Islam, Palestinian Jokes, A Culture-Enriching Workout at the Gym, and Emmanuel Macron’s Remarks on World Jihad Day
The Geller Report: US Embassies Being Overrun, Rioting, Burning Fires, in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey and across the Middle East, GOP RINOs Are Working Deal to Give Speakership to Radical Democrat Hakeem Jeffries and Give Power Back to Dems, The War Against Israel Is All About Islam, and Islam Is All About Terror, ‘Top secret’ Hamas documents show that terrorists intentionally targeted CHILDREN elementary schools and youth center, and Israel’s Last Leftist Government Issued 17,000 Work Permits to Gazans That Helped Hamas Enter Israel
Hogewash: The Spare Tire Nebula, Bad Economic News, The Darkness Before Some Stars Form, Don’t Know Much About History, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: The Keep Remains Michael Mann’s Fascinating Misfire, Tim Dillon on Black Lives Matter: ‘It’s Always Been a Scam’, The Chosen Releases FIRST LOOK at Season 4, and Woke Exorcist Reboot Collapses in Second Week
The Lid: Biden Border Crisis Endangering Us All: 659 Known Terrorists Captured at the Border This Year Alone, What Would Jabotinsky Do? Exactly What Israel is Doing Now! and Was Jesus A Palestinian? Was There Ever A Palestinian State?
Legal Insurrection: House ‘Hamas Caucus’ Snubs Bipartisan ‘Standing With Israel’ Resolution, PA President Abbas, Jordan King Abdullah Cancel Visit With Biden Due to Gaza Hospital Strike, Chutkan Gag Order: Trump Cannot Criticize Anyone Involved in the D.C. J6 Case, Wexner Foundation Cuts Ties With Harvard Over Response to Hamas Attacks on Israel, Protesters Interrupt Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Speech at U. Minnesota, and Huntsman Family Halting Donations to Penn in Response to Anti-Semitism
Nebraska Energy Observer: Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity, A Lesson from History, and Some things
Outkick: Aubrey Huff Tells Charly Arnolt ‘Nothing Good’ Can Come Of Giants Interviewing Alyssa Nakken For Manager Job, Stephen A. Smith Gets Torched For Saying Tua Just Throws 2-Yard Passes To Tyreek Hill, Tom Brady Complains About NFL Officiating: ‘It’s More Like Flag Football’, Stanford Player Rips Deion Sanders, Says Colorado Football Program Has ‘Mercenaries’, Are We Sure Viral Chargers Fan Isn’t A Paid Actor?, Trevor May Eviscerates A’s Owner After Announcing Retirement, and Outrageous Iowa Offensive Stat Is Almost Impossible To Believe
Power Line: Goodbye Graffiti Girl, It’s Time to Crush Gaza, Thoughts from the ammo line, Deep State Throat Sends a Warning, and She Should Have Kept Her Mouth Shut
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Tilting at self-righteousness
Shark Tank: Moskowitz Responds To Tlaib’s Palestinian Flag – Raises Israeli Flag
Shot In The Dark: Speed, If You Are…, Dick Butkus, Evil, and Where Credit Is Due – Epilogue
This Ain’t Hell: Navy chief arrested for domestic battery after celebrating his promotion, Marines squeak by, Biden reiterates ability to support Ukraine and Israel, Schumer rushing Israel military aid, Second US carrier strike group heading to the eastern Mediterranean, Defense Secretary: The US will support both Israel and Ukraine, and Annual Fund Raiser
Transterrestrial Musings: “Palestinians”, Common Sense, Priorities, Gramscian Damage, and Authoritarian Thugs
Victory Girls: Congressman Steps Up To Bring Americans Home – Again, Biden Sent COVID Relief Funds To Palestine, and DeSantis Brings Home Stranded Americans From Israel
Volokh Conspiracy: 67 Northwestern University Law Faculty on Hamas Massacre, Hamas Attack Should Teach Us the Folly of Hostage Deals with Terrorists, and The Canceling of the American Mind, by FIRE’s Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott
Watts Up With That: Polar bear researchers hiding significant increase in Southern Hudson Bay numbers, Rising Seas and Social Justice, Keeping You Up to Date On New York’s Progress Toward Green Energy Utopia, New Zealand Votes to Ditch Jacinda Ardern’s Climate Crusade, and The Supreme Court of Canada’s Reality Check on Trudeau’s Climate Impact Act
The Federalist: Axios Calls Open Border ‘More Fortified’ Than ‘Ever’, Hate Trump All You Like, The Gag Order Is Still Wrong, Pennsylvania Republicans Take On Democrats’ Early Voting Gambit With New ‘Bank Your Vote’ Campaign, Florida Devises New Rules For Rooting DEI Out Of Higher Ed, A Lawless Justice System Is The Perfect Tool For Criminalizing Opposition To Democrats, Planned Parenthood Uses Aftermath Of Hamas Attack To Fundraise For Its Own Killing Operations, and Leftists Suffer Humiliating Defeats In Australia, New Zealand Elections
Mark Steyn: I am a Jew, Live Around the Planet, Memories are Made of This: Terence Davies and Distant Voices, Still Lives, and The Great Disconnect

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