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While Hamas Supporters Terrorize Jews, Can You Guess What Noah Berlatsky Considers a More Important Menace?

Posted on | October 30, 2023 | Comments Off on While Hamas Supporters Terrorize Jews, Can You Guess What Noah Berlatsky Considers a More Important Menace?

America must beware of “Christofascism,” Berlatsky practically screams. The “white evangelical Christian nationalist tradition” of new House Speaker Mike Johnson, Louisiana Republican, must be stopped:

Based on his stated supposedly biblical positions, the Bible in Johnson’s head is a silly, vicious farrago of ignorance and bigotry, and a blueprint for Christofascist tyranny. . . .
[T]he right loves to say we live in a republic not a democracy. And what they mean by that is that authoritarian disenfranchisement is awesome as long as it benefits the party of white biblical Christofascism. . . .

Do you want to read the whole thing? Probably not, but I felt obligated to throw the link in there, just so you could see that I’m not making this up. Does anyone really believe that “Christofascist tyranny” and “authoritarian disenfranchisement” (whatever that means) are eminent dangers to our country, or that Mike Johnson aspires to achieve this?

Readers will recall that we last paid attention to Mr. Berlatsky two weeks ago (“Noah Berlatsky, Who Seems to Be OK With Pedophiles, Sure Does Hate Republicans,” Oct. 9), when Berlatsky sought to persuade his readers that what was really newsworthy was not that Hamas terrorists had slaughtered hundreds of Israelis civilians, but rather the Republican reaction to this massacre. Notice the pattern: No matter what the actual news may be, every day is Attack Republicans Day for Noah Berlatsky.

Why do you think that is? Do you suppose that Berlasky’s monomaniacal fixation on The Right-Wing Christofascist Republican Menace might be related to something that several people have pointed out, namely that Noah Belatsky seems to be OK with pedophiles?

Perhaps this is all just a coincidence. Maybe there could be an innocent explanation for Noah Berlatsky’s enthusiastic defense of “MAPs” (minor-attracted persons), but the problem is he’s never provided such an explanation. No one has ever been able to get Berlatsky to reply to critics who suggest that Berlatsky’s interest in this issue is not coincidental.

Whatever you do, however, don’t ask Noah Berlatsky any questions about this directly, because he doesn’t like it when that happens.



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