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In The Mailbox: 10.30.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Hamas et Silicon Valley delenda est.

Average Bubba: Gen Z’s Falling Into The Abyss
357 Magnum: Your Tax Dollars At Work – Or Not, As The Case May Be
EBL: Hamas leader Isamil Haniyeh called for Palestinian civilians to die in Gaza (from the comfort of his home in Qatar), Matthew Perry Beat The Crap Out Of Justin Trudeau? Music From The Lutheran Reformation, Painkiller, and Trucks: Electric vs. Hybrid? How about just plain old diesel or gasoline ICE?
Twitchy: Hockey World Shaken As Calls Increase For Arrest Of Matt Petgrave, Young Palestinian-Canadian Supports Hamas Unlike White Supremacist Idiots, and Peoples’ Jobs Are Reportedly Being Targeted For Their Support Of Hamas
Louder With Crowder: Gina Carano goes BEAST MODE on Disney’s Kathleen Kennedy after South Park destroys the animated version in the Panderverse, UFC champion tests limits of Bud Light sponsorship with “anti-trans” comments, Goldie Hawn Says An Alien With Triangle-Shaped Head Touched Her And It Was, Quote, ‘Like The Finger Of God’, and He’s sorry about sucker-punching people for social media clout, but wishes you would leave him alone about it
Vox Popoli: A Warning for Americans, Clowns in Congress, RIP Chandler Bing, Lonesome October, A Review of PLUTARCH’S LIVES, If At First You Don’t Succeed, and That Will Show China
Draw & Talk: Artist Asks, “When Do You Throw In The Towel & Quit?”

American Conservative: From ‘Never Again’ to ‘Now and Again’, also, When College Presidents Were America’s Conscience 
American Greatness: COVID ‘Vaccine’ Destroys WHAT Part of Your Body?, 100 Syrians, 50 Iranians Among Illegal Border Crossers in October, and Son of Former WEF Honcho Calls For the Arrests of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Other Globalist Leaders
American Thinker: ‘Queers For Palestine’ March in Solidarity with Hamas, Johnson as Speaker Changes Everything, The Death of Democrat Jewish Innocence, The Dead End Of Victimhood Benefits Only Its Promoters, and How to Defeat Hamas Fast, Cheap and Easy
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty I
Babalu Blog: Cubans living under constant threat of building collapses warn ‘Old Havana is rotting’, Cuba sends more slave doctors to Mexico, Nicaraguan dictator to bring in Cuban military for ‘humanitarian assistance’, Colombia’s socialist president rejected in regional elections, and Mexico’s Lopez-Obrador is stuck in the mud
BattleSwarm: The Palestine Myth, French Suburb Thrives After Ditching Ugly Commie Architecture, and California Democrats Disarm Synagogues
Behind The Black: Intuitive Machines delays launch of its Nova-C lunar lander two months, An infrared view of the Crab Nebula by Webb, SpaceX launches another 23 Starlink satellites, Two mouse embryos successfully grown on ISS, Chandra X-rays a giant hand in space, and Don’t forget: The protesters supporting the Hamas mass murderers are all Democrats
Cafe Hayek: Emoting Is Easier Than Thinking
CDR Salamander: Rickover Uncensored with Claude Berube, also, 33 and 10
Chicago Boyz: Zoom versus In-Person
Da Tech Guy: Stay at home babies? Not so fast, Hamas Ghastly Dead Jew Math & a Suggestion to Israel, Why I Was Not Surprised at the Pro Hamas, Death to Israel Crowd Today , The longer the delay in Israel’s invasion of Gaza, the more likely the Democrat Party will lose Jewish members, and Under the Fedora: UN Talk vs Shot, The Just Murdering Kids High Ground, Pam and Robert Being Right Sometimes Sucks, Self Inflicted Wounds, Schlichter and Wayne on Barbarians
Don Surber: Fight the war already, Israel
First Street Journal: The left only care about gun control when white people get killed, and heterosexual white men are the killers, How does The Philadelphia Inquirer not even cover the World Series?, and How many crimes are connected to the killing of Josh Kruger?
Gates Of Vienna: Report From Sderot: Day 18, Jihad Comes to Sweden, Predators and Prey, Our Brothers in Palestine, The Muslim Underground Surfaces, Part I, and They Just Keep Coming
The Geller Report: California University Offers Extra Credit for Joining Death March Against the Jews, LONDON: Massive Genocidal Death March Against the Jews: Chanting “O Jews, The Armies of Muhammad are Coming!”, Biden Has Blown Up the World, Islamic Atrocities: Baby Was Found in an Oven, Baked to Death by Hamas Terrorists, Czech Defense Minister Jana ?ernochová calls to leave the UN for supporting terrorism, and The Head of Shani Louk, the German Festival Attendee, Found in Gaza
Glenn Reynolds: Welcome To The Party, Pal!
Hogewash: Don’t Know Much About…, Land for Peace? An Eiffel Tower Solar Prominence, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Why Pumpkinhead Perfectly Nails Generational Evil, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Revived Sleeping Saga, After Death Already Year’s Second Biggest Documentary, and When Outrageous Satire Gets Trumped by Hamas Terror
The Lid: Pogromists Posing For Photos, Rashida’s ‘Extensive Fundraising Ties’ To Hamas Activists — Here’s The 411, and Magneto And Other Supporters Of Anti-Israel Terrorism
Legal Insurrection: Israel Widens Efforts in Gaza, as Hamas Hoards Food and Fuel From Civilians, Texas Granted Temp Restraining Order Against Biden Admin Preventing Removal Of Razor Wire At Border, Lincoln Project Co-Founder Infuriates Democrats and NeverTrumpers By Advising Long-Shot Biden Challenger Dean Phillips, Pro-Life Groups Condemn Democrat AGs Letter Supporting ‘Misinformation’ About Pregnancy Centers, Over 100 Colleges and Universities (But No Ivy League Schools) Form Coalition to Stand With Israel Against Hamas, Judge Chutkan Reinstates Trump Gag Order in D.C. Case, and Toxic Atmosphere At Cornell For Jewish Students Is Getting Worse
Nebraska Energy Observer: What is America for mummy? Reformation Sunday, and Here I Stand
Outkick: Women Quit Jiu-Jitsu Tournament After Being Forced To Fight Men, Prompting Association To Change Its Rules, Pat McAfee: ‘We Might Be Looking At Jim Harbaugh’s Last Year As Michigan Head Coach’, WNBA, Las Vegas Aces Silent After Clay Travis Issues Boys High School Challenge, Nike Can’t Help Itself, Releases A New Colin Kaepernick Collection That No One Will Buy, Kansas Upsets #6 Oklahoma In Thriller, Led By Backup Quarterback. Goal Posts Carried Out Of Stadium, YouTube TV Is Lagging And Ruining Everyone’s NFL Sunday, and Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Is The Official Underwear Of The NBA
Power Line: “Why should I ever vote for a Democrat again?”, Hopeless on Gaza, and The Issue Is Not the Issue
Shark Tank: Donalds – Biden & His Foreign Policy Could Be Compromised
Shot In The Dark: Mitch’s Journalism School 101 Part II, also, No
The Political Hat: Human Trials For Artificial Wombs Begin. Can Lab-Grown Catgirls Be Far Behind?
This Ain’t Hell: Newest mass shooting checks all the lib boxes, Air Force and Space Force raise entry age limit to 42, National Guard delinquent with paying enlistment bonuses, The end is nigh! and Highest military court overturns convictions related to inappropriate messages
Transterrestrial Musings: Aliens, K-12, The Latest On The Trial, and Democrat Jewish Innocence
Victory Girls: Media: Speaker Mike Johnson’s Ancestor Was Also An Election Denier! Kamala Harris On 60 Minutes: Media Still Trying To Make Fetch Happen, and Dagestan Pogrom: The Russian Mob Hunts Down Jews
Volokh Conspiracy: Far-Left Support for Hamas is not an Aberration, Jewish Professors Should Place A Mezuzah On Their Office Doors, and Chemerinsky – “Nothing has prepared me for the antisemitism I see on college campuses now”
Watts Up With That: Permanent California Drought Update, Siemens Energy’s Green Dream Meets Reality: Renewables in Distress, The *cough* evidence *cough* that shows climate change is already impacting our lives, Electric Vehicles: Unveiling the Hidden Costs, and Wrong, Amnesty International, “Climate Change in Mexico” is Not Displacing People
The Federalist: Georgia DA Offers ‘Nothingburger’ Plea Deals To Build Parade Of Witnesses For Later Show Trials, Joe Biden Isn’t ‘Managing’ Or Confronting Problems. Joe Biden Is The Problem, Eventbrite Nuked ‘Protecting Women’s Sports’ Event While Platforming Pro-Hamas Rallies, Antisemitic Attacks Against Jews Are The Media’s New ‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’, If Red States Don’t Want Federal Meddling, They Should Reject Federal Funding, Liberal Jews Have No Reason To Be Surprised By Progressive Antisemitism, and David Weiss’s Office Ignored Thoroughly Vetted Evidence Of Biden Corruption
Mark Steyn: Unreal Estate: Robert Wise and the Tasteful Fright of The Haunting, L-O-V-E, and For Want of a Judge

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