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In The Mailbox: 11.10.23 (Late Night Edition)

Posted on | November 11, 2023 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas esse delendam.

EBL: Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps, Ronna McDaniel is a Failure as RNC Chair, and Nashville Police Chief John Drake Hid The Shooter Manifesto
Twitchy: Call 911 Because Rabbi Shmuley Just Wrecked Cenk Uygur Over Israel On Piers Morgan’s Show, Az. State Law Prof Has Jussie Smollett Moment, and “I’m A Full Professor” – Georgetown U Prof Whips Out Credentials, Gets Mocked
Louder With Crowder: Man uses firearm to prevent another NYC subway mugging, so of course, HE’S the one who gets arrested, Kmart Pulls Festive “Merry Ham-Mas” Bag From Shelves Over  Outrage: “We got it wrong”, Liberal Braintrust Says To Stop Blaming Inflation. Instead, Blame High Prices – hey, wait a second…, and WaPo takes down accurate political cartoon about Hamas, bends the knee to Hamas supporters who thought it was too mean
Vox Popoli: Aborted by the Market, also, I Read, Therefore I Know
According To Hoyt: Stop The Circular Firing squad, In Their Time, and The Children Of The Good Times
Monster Hunter Nation: A Review of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever
Jon Del Arroz: Woke Fake News Destroyed As Jezebel Shuts Down And Vice Has Massive Layoffs

American Conservative: It’s Not the Pro-Life Argument That’s Losing
American Greatness: Hamas Terrorist Attack Drove the Left’s Growing Antisemitism Into the Open, also, Princeton Professor Calls Sex with Animals ‘Thought-Provoking’
American Thinker: Chicago: A City in Freefall, also, Threats to the United States now at a Whole New Level
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Business Tax Climate Friday
Babalu Blog: Havana ‘Dinner in White’ is a callous mockery of ordinary Cubans struggling to eat, Cuban animal rights activist sentenced to two years in prison for criticizing dictatorship, and Reports from Cuba: Energy contingents prepare to detect ‘illegalities’ of consumption in Cuba
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For November 10
Behind The Black: SpaceX successfully launches a cargo Dragon to ISS, FCC extends SpaceX’s communications license for Starship/Superheavy launch, Samson’s flying car completes its first test flight, and Frank Borman, an old-fashioned American of the highest order, passes away at 95
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: What Does Senator Joe Manchin Have in Common With Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, also, Rewriting History’s Unintended Consequences
Don Surber: Why they hate Snow White
First Street Journal: Another deep-pockets Ivy League donor tells the pro-Hamas students to go to Hell
Gates Of Vienna: The Brutal Atrocities of Monsters, An Allahu Akhbar Moment at the Railway Station in Milan, Angela Merkel, Protector of the Jews, Putin Punishes Russia’s Key Ally, and Hitler Was Right!
The Geller Report: ‘Palestinian’ Mother: I Will Happily Sacrifice My 17 Children, 65 Grandchildren for the Sake of Allah
Hogewash: A Team Kimberlin Post of the Day for Veterans’ Day, This Was Bound To Happen, and SPHEREx
Hollywood In Toto: Will Elon Musk Biopic Be a Hit Piece on Steroids? also, The Scorsese Film Disney Won’t Let You Watch
The Lid: GOP Rep Stefanik Filed Complaint Against Wise-Guy Judge In Trump Trial
Legal Insurrection: CDC Warns Syphilis Cases Among Newborns are at ‘Dire Levels’, Michigan Township Votes Out Entire Local Government over Plans for China-Linked EV Battery Factory, Nashville Democrat Fail: Known Violent Criminal ‘Accidentally’ Guns Down College Freshman, Another Billionaire Donor Deserts Columbia University Over Anti-Semitism, McDaniel Claims RNC Didn’t Invest in VA Elections Since Gov. Youngkin Said He ‘Didn’t Need Them There’, and Columbia U. Suspends ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ and ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Shedeur Sanders Says He’s Perfect Mixture Of Tom Brady & Michael Vick, BREAKING: Jim Harbaugh Files Emergency Motion In Michigan Court Against Big Ten, Tony Petitti. Ruling Could Come Before Kickoff, Danny Wuerffel Says He’d Be Worth At Least A Chicken Sandwich In NIL Era, Topgolf Memphis Is Already A Mess And Black People Are Mad At Black People For ‘Ruining S–t’, Bret Bielema Shares Incredible Pat Fitzgerald Story When Asked About Michigan Cheating Scandal, Shohei Ohtani, Confirmed Good Guy, Donates 60K Baseball Gloves To Every Elementary School In Japan, and Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Wants You To Know She’s Enjoying Her Hot Tub Way Too Much, So She Put On A String Bikini & Grabbed Her Camera
Power Line: Springtime for Hitler at MIT, Douglas Murray in Israel, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Trump Jr. Wants Laura Loomer For Press Secretary
Shot In The Dark: All Talk, also, Shall Not Be Infringed
This Ain’t Hell: Terminally ill cancer kid gets to be a Marine, Valor Friday, Don’t mess with a Navy Chief’s ‘dirty’ coffee cup, The US Department of Veterans Affairs has almost 450,000 staff, but still hiring, and Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!
Transterrestrial Musings: The Gaza Military Situation, Red Meat, The Hollow Men And Women, and Frank Borman
Victory Girls: Something New For Matt Gaetz
Volokh Conspiracy: U Chicago Arrests Student Protesters Engaging in Pro-Palestinian “Sit-in” in Admissions Office (+ Two Faculty Members)
Watts Up With That: The Intermittency Problem with Wind Power Generation in Great Britain, As The Transition to Green Energy Crumbles, Funding for The Climate Scare Soars, and BBC: Kenya’s Ogiek People are Being Evicted for Carbon Credits
The Federalist: Out Of The Ashes Of Government Censorship Rises A Swing-State Election Protection Project, FBI, DOJ Refuse To Call Covenant School Shooting An Anti-White Hate Crime Even After Racist Manifesto Is Leaked, Conservatives Beat Back Democrats’ Misleading Money Grab In Colorado, These 70 Republicans Just Rewarded The FBI With New Headquarters Worth $375 Million, Can America, And Its Veterans, Find Their Purpose? Subway ‘Vigilantes’ Aren’t The Problem, They’re A Symptom Of NYC’s Crime Catastrophe, and Wisconsin Sends Amendments Banning ‘Zuckbucks,’ Noncitizen Voting To Voters For Approval
Mark Steyn: On Being Right Too Soon

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