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Department of Unfortunate Analogies

Posted on | September 17, 2012 | 19 Comments

Perhaps you remember a fellow named Todd Akin. You may wish you could forget having ever heard the name, but I think you probably remember.

Think back to the morning of Sunday, Aug. 19. The Republican National Convention was still eight days away, and Isaac wasn’t even a tropical depression yet. And then came the episode that Michelle Malkin called “the Todd Akin mess.” I’ve been in a tropical depression ever since.

If Mitt Romney can get his campaign back on trackplease, O merciful Lord! — the Akin episode will be forgotten as sideshow, a blip, a footnote. On the other hand, if Team Mitt can’t pull out of this media-induced spiral, we’ll look back at Aug. 19 as the Day It All Went Wrong.

The less said about this, the better, for now. So imagine my shock when I clicked over to Memeorandum and saw this:

Todd Akin’s Wife Compares GOP
Abandonment to Rape, Tyranny

It’s like a toothache, isn’t it?


  • JeffS

    Not a toothache. A hemorrhoid.

  • FenelonSpoke

    Oh, well. It’s bad but then again Obama compared his supporters to people killed in Libya. idiot on both sides.

  • Finrod Felagund


    People that are tone-deaf shouldn’t be in the damn orchestra, and it seems she’s worse than he is.

  • Charles

    As things stand today, Intrade gives Akin a 39.7% chance of winning and Romney 33.7%.

    It seems unlikely that substituting another candidate for Akin at this point will materially increase the odds of Republicans winning that seat. Same for Romney. On the other hand, there is as much as a 60% chance that one of the two of them might win.

    In Missouri, it comes down to whether Democrats turn out strong in St. Louis and Kansas City. Todd Akin putting his wife out front on this issue is probably the best way to hold the rural base. And if he wins, he’s done his penance, right?

  • Bob Belvedere

    On the other hand, if Team Mitt can’t pull out of this media-induced spiral, we’ll look back at Aug. 19 as the Day It All Went Wrong.

    Some of us won’t blame Mr. Akin, but we’ll hash that out after 06 November. That sleeping dog can lie down until then as far as I’m concerned.

  • rosalie

    The problem is that the media is on the Democrat/idiot side.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I was disturbed by the Politico piece on Romney campaign infighting. I knew it was a Politico hatchet job, but it also had enough fact in it to make me worry.

    But then I also listened to Rush. He said some profound things today. Which made me feel better.

    So I would suggest having a drink, relaxing, and getting ready to soldier on.

  • K-Bob

    We still have folks on the right wanting to trash Ryan for discussing his economic and budget ideas. Primary’s over folks. November is coming like a tax due date.

  • Adjoran

    Yeah, it’s just another in a long series of attempts to attack Romney. NONE of them have worked or are working.

    I no longer click on links that trace to Politico, NBC, or MSNBC. They aren’t news outlets, they are Obama propaganda offices.

  • Adjoran

    Akin’s a fool, but in what universe is it better for America, Missouri, or even the world’s future to have Claire McCaskill in the Senate? The guy won the primary fair and square and was thrown under the bus in a state of panic and disarray because the Left was having a field day.

    The reason we don’t get more quality candidates is because this is how we treat them if they make a mistake. Think about it.

  • K-Bob

    I think “propaganda orifices” is more accurate.

  • William T Quick

    Which is the point. Even if a candidate doesn’t say something stupid, the media will make something up and pretend he said it anyway. Not that I’m convinced that Akin, a committed pro-lifer, actually said anything but the truth, from his POV, in the first place.

  • K-Bob

    I think the date may be close enough to when-it-all-went-wrong, but it was a combination of Akin, a Romney pause (in hammering Obama), and the media deciding, “we’re all Chris Matthews now.”

    Akin’s screwup was major, and he should have left the field. Romney waited too long to tell him so, which constituted a fumble. But Akin, deciding to act like Joe Lieberman running against the Democrat party after Republicans had already shut up about it** was stupid, squared. He should have campaigned for his office with a little more humility after screwing up so horribly. Just focus on beating Mcrawskull, and leave off the potshots. Holes, digging, etc.

    (Of course, a lot of bloggists and pund(ammit)its on the right need to do likewise, and stop saying stuff just to rile the knucklehead up—and I don’t mean this article by Stacy, which is just a report. Let Akin campaign.)

    We need him to win his race, but he’s not doing himself any favors if this is how he’s going to play it. If he loses, I wouldn’t go blaming Conservatives or even Republicans for it.

    **because he refused to step down in time

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Wombat_socho

    There’s some NBC reporters who aren’t completely full of crap, and by this time next week I’m sure I will have thought of one or two.

  • McGehee

    Who’s Todd Akin?

    Those of us who have chosen to put that whole pointless distraction behind us, have succeeded in doing so.

    Choosing. It’s the right thing to do.

  • McGehee

    Akin’s screwup was major

    In no way was it more major than the enormously stupid, media-narrative-serving overreaction from those on the right.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Let it be understood that I don’t blame Mr. Akin.

    But, as I stated, this is something we can discuss after the Elections.

  • K-Bob

    I disagree totally, but there we are.