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Posted on | November 6, 2012 | 15 Comments

Jackie Romine of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, sends a message
to the press corps at Romney’s rally Friday

Last night’s rally at the Columbus Airport was a wonderful experience. How many people attended? Just say “capacity crowd” and leave it at that. More importantly, further Ohio early-voting data continued to come in, reinforcing the conclusions Ali Akbar drew from his previous analysis — Romney’s numbers here look very encouraging.

Trying to avoid violating the First Electoral Axiom of Instapundit (“Don’t get cocky“), I will objectively report what Ali said when he got the latest numbers: “There’s no other way. We’ve won.”

Me? I don’t do numbers. However, I do photos (click to see full-size):

That sign says “Victory in Ohio,” doesn’t it? And the guy standing at the podium? He might just be the 45th President of the United States.

Nancy Robinson of Pickerington, Ohio, and her daughter Annie. Mrs. Robinson saw me walk past and said, “Are you . . . Smitty?” Seriously: She says she’s a regular reader of the blog, and recognized the hat. Anyway, here’s the top of my latest American Spectator column:

By the time Mitt Romney took the stage Monday night for his next-to-last Ohio “Victory Rally” at the Columbus airport hangar of Landmark Aviation, thousands were already lining up to see him 750 miles east in New Hampshire, where the Republican presidential candidate was scheduled for a rally three hours later. Romney’s campaign speech was nothing new, the text having scarcely changed in the past week, but what was newsworthy were the crowds — large and enthusiastic or, as Barack Obama often said during his historic 2008 campaign, “fired up and ready to go.”
If Americans want to know whether Romney has the executive skill needed to deliver on his promises to revive the U.S. economy and restore the nation’s morale, let them look no further than the brilliant campaign the former Massachusetts governor and his staff have run. Against all odds, and despite the enormous challenges of taking on an incumbent Democrat adored by the media elite, Romney has brought the GOP to Election Day with a real hope of victory.
A win by Romney will be difficult, but it is clearly a real possibility. Monday was a big day for predictions. Several bloggers offered their own Electoral College maps, with many predicting that Romney would win with more than 300 Electoral College votes (ECVs), but anything more than 270 ECVs is a victory, and Republicans will be celebrating even if Mitt squeaks by with the narrowest of margins. . . .

Please read the whole thing. I’ve got to get a nap today, because I want to be fresh and lively for tonight’s victory celebration in Columbus.