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Gay Student Charged With Felonies in Weird Sexual Extortion Scheme

Posted on | December 30, 2013 | 67 Comments

In an unusually elaborate example of media bias, the only way you would realize the perpetrator of this crime was gay is if you carefully scrutinized the pronouns in the Columbus Dispatch story:

An Ohio University student is set to go on trial in February on felony charges of blackmailing another student into having sex with him.
Dorian J. Graham, 19, of Bedford Heights, near Cleveland, was indicted on Nov. 25 on one count each of sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, extortion and attempted extortion. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which are third- and fourth-degree felonies. He is free on recognizance while he awaits trial, with a $10,000 bond guarantee.
Documents filed in Athens County Common Pleas Court say that Graham, who was living in an OU residence hall, struck up a “texting relationship” on Sept. 20 with another OU student, with Graham pretending to be a woman.
Authorities say Graham persuaded the other student to send him nude pictures or video of himself and then posted them on a website. The Dispatch does not typically name victims of sex crimes.
The student texted Graham, begging him to remove the images because he feared they would damage his reputation. Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said that Graham, as the price of removing the pictures, coerced the student to have sex with him on Sept. 23 and to record the sex and provide the video to Graham.
Graham allegedly told the student that he also was the victim of a blackmail scheme by the same nonexistent woman. At the time of the sexual conduct, Blackburn said, apparently the victim “still thought it was a girl that was making him do this.” At some point after the sex occurred, however, the victim became aware that Graham was the real culprit, he said.

This is how the media function as public relations agents for the gay rights movement: Whenever homosexuals claim to be the victims of crime, the “gay victim” meme is highlighted. Yet when homosexuals are the perpetrators of crime . . . What crimes?

The “gay perpetrator” category is non-existent, so far as the liberal media are concerned, which not only explains why the gay factor was downplayed in Graham’s sexual extortion, but also explains why fake “hate crimes” don’t make national headlines.

Oliver Darcy at The Blaze has a mug shot of Dorian Graham.

(Hat-tip: Barbara Espinosa on Twitter.)


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    Watching Women’s Softball again?

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    And that is why they call you a H8er!

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    If you have something you want to ask, ask.

  • Joe Dokes
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    Nope, just following the #FreeKate updates …

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    As well as a requirement for full membership in the Democrat party …

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    Reckon you were right all along!

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    I’ve always demanded the negatives b4 disrobing. Works most of the time.

  • Jerry Beckett

    So, as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman would say, “Only two things come from Ohio: steers and queers….”

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    Spike is waiting for him at the Home for Delinquent Boys down in Chillicothe. He’ll receive a proper welcome.

  • Quartermaster

    Ohio hasn’t normally been a weird state. There have been occasional strange things going on off Lane Avenue in Columbus from time to time, but not in general.

    Columbus, however, has been going downhill since left the state 8 years ago. It seems Columbus has been trying to join black run America for all the benefits that confers.

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    It’s more fun not to ask.

  • richard mcenroe

    You H8ers are ignoring the First Rule again:
    It is NEVER a gay crime when a gqay man does it.
    It is ALWAYS a gay crime when done to a gay man.

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