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But It’s Not About Hate

Posted on | February 19, 2015 | 84 Comments

“If you want to see the consequences of deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill,” I explained a couple weeks ago, “go to and search for ‘feminism.'” Exactly why Tumblr is such a fetid swamp of virulent ideological insanity, I’m not sure, but in November 2014, Elliot (a “third generation asian american (japanese). polyamorous and panromantic” college student in Boston) wrote this:

“hands up if middle aged white men scare you more than anyone else”

Explanation? Who needs explanations for this kind of fear in 2015? Young people have been “carefully taught” (to borrow, with no deliberate irony, the words of an old Rodgers and Hammerstein song) whom they should fear, and no factual justification is needed. Elliot’s denunciation was reblogged on Tumblr by “Social Work Grad Students” who added:

Second place goes to early twenties white men

Then Klaudia weighed in:

let’s be real, teenage white boys in groups are the most terrifying, with the runner up being violently drunk college frat boys

Finally, Ashleigh in Sydney, Australia, added:

all of the above

Really? Do any of them bother to explain this reign of terror imposed by white males? No, they merely parrot what they have been taught — white males are agents of universal oppression — with the expectation that everyone will nod in enthusiastic agreement. And more than 200,000 Tumblr contributors have liked or reblogged Elliot’s words.

You can dismiss such hateful rhetoric as “just a bunch of idiots on the Internet,” but in the 1930s, some dismissed Mein Kampf as “just a book by a disgruntled Austrian painter.”



  • Jeanette Victoria

    Any you know these very same folks are ok with the murder of the most innocent preborn babies

  • DeadMessenger

    {snicker}. I guess you got me there.

  • Slam1263

    To be fair, I do yell for those little bastards to get off of my lawn.
    If they don’t move fast enough, I hit them with a onion.
    I keep onions tied to my belt, for just such occasions.
    Why? I don’t know why, it’s just the fashion here.

  • Adobe_Walls

    How many microaggressions does it take to make one macroaggression?

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    You can make a macroaggression out of a mole hill, or in answer to your question, one perceived microggression can be a macroaggression.

  • richard mcenroe

    I smile when they’re doing it, is that close enough?

  • richard mcenroe

    I wish people could have a realistic self-image like I do…

  • concern00

    That’s why we need trannies in the Marines.

  • wbkrebs

    Or, maybe not.

  • wbkrebs

    There’s a Smug Alert for both of those places, doncha know.

  • Adobe_Walls

    So gathering unused microaggressions from people who will probably never have an opportunity to use them will be difficult? It’s a pity to let all those unused microaggressions go to waste.

  • Fail Burton

    Polypan want a finger? Barrack!!!

  • Daniel Freeman

    If you can measure it, then you can create a derivative futures contract — like the ones for weather — and monetize it without having to gather and deliver it. Standardize the measurement of PMiAs (potential microaggressions) and find a market for hedging against them, and even the unused ones won’t go to waste.

  • Jim R

    I am reminded of many of the remarks I read from lefties about the Zimmerman-Martin incident: they were CERTAIN not only that Zimmerman stalked Martin, but that he was stalking him in a homosexual way. This, apparently, excused Martin beating the crap out of him. Not that Martin beat the crap out of him, of course: Zimmerman shot him execution-style. And it’s not to say that Martin was, by implication, a homophobe for beating… um… not beating up a fat, homosexual white guy. (No, it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s what lefties believe).

  • Daniel Freeman

    We are each responsible for our own mental hygiene. I make a point of questioning myself whenever I see that combo in my beliefs about a group, and so should they.

    There are, of course, groups that actually are both threatening and degenerate. The key to making sure that you’re not part of a victimhood cult yourself is that you have documentation that stands up to healthy skepticism.

    For example, in the cases of “social justice” feminism and fundamentalist Islam, the threat is manifest — not hidden — and the degeneracy is not only documented, but follows directly from the group’s ideology.

    In contrast, if you ask feminists for an end-case scenario — metrics that will say they’ve gone far enough — they inevitably include crazy ones, like the end of the gender pay gap. That can only happen if 1. men and women have the same skills and interests, or 2. the government forces everyone to do the same work regardless, or 3. the government forces everyone to be paid the same regardless. Whether they’re unserious fools or wanna-be tyrants, they must be stopped.

  • Adobe_Walls

    I was thinking more along the lines of a coop or community banking model, but you are correct in that we have to be able to quantify it. It is imperative that we be able to maximize potential microaggression. I am of course speaking once again, about the crisis of Peak Oppression. After all microaggression is just another form of the oppression services that White Males always have and are still expected to provide. The fact that other groups can engage in microaggression and in fact some groups such as RadFems vs Trans genders can engage in Macroaggression, offers a potential solution. Obviously allowing PMiAs to go to waste has a negative effect on the sustainability of oppression services. White males never demanded a monopoly on providing oppression services, it was a duty thrust upon us. It is only through a community of oppression providers that those who demand and so richly deserve to be oppressed can continue to receive their fair allotment of oppression services.

  • Daniel Freeman

    So, their powerful-yet-degenerate threat narrative included making him gay, and making it okay to beat up on that. With friends like those, it’s amazing that the “G” in GLBT hasn’t been demoted more.

  • Jim R

    Yep. It really made absolutely no sense at all, and the gay bashing on top of it… Unbelievable.

  • Fail Burton

    They turned a straight Latino into a gay white dude and then said okay now you’re officially creepy. Can I turn Polypan into a junior member of the Asian branch of the KKK and say he’s a amorphous racist, kinda like Cthulhu?

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  • TimeandtheRani

    Very interesting comment, thank you for this.

  • Dana

    One is sufficient.

  • Steve Skubinna

    And why the hell not? Al Gore got rich selling himself indulgences – uh, I mean carbon credits.

    Ah, the glories of capitalism! Just don’t tell these people that’s what it is, though. That’d be a microaggression.

  • Wombat_socho

    It differentiates cosplayers (who are usually trying to be in character) from costumers (who aren’t).

  • Wombat_socho

    Nothing amorphous about ol’ Squid-Face.

  • K-Bob

    Yeah, I get it, but it’s still like nails on the chalkboard to me.

  • Daniel Freeman

    You’re welcome. I’ve been pondering this phenomenon for over a decade. A major breakthrough for me was realizing that I’d been looking at “hidden threat” cons from the point of view of the con artist, but once they take on a life of their own, there might not even be a grifter in control. It could just be the blind leading the blind, at which point it’s more of a cult than a scam.

  • Daniel Freeman

    It’s an annoyance — and an opportunity. Out of the five moral spheres, liberals tend to only focus on fairness and harm. If they moralize their diet as “eating clean,” then they care about the purity sphere, and are more likely to see reason about rejecting the cultural influence of those whose ideologies are fundamentally opposed to our national ideals and the Bill of Rights.

  • JeffS

    Maybe not.

  • Fail Burton

    Dunwich looks more like Mayberry all the time. How can I get scared at mere fish-people or elder gods? I’d for sure be less frightened of Arkham than a city of Panpolyists. “The Call of Dworkin” by H.P. Gendertrouble.

  • Daniel Freeman

    “The Gender From Space” by H.P. Hatecraft

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  • Richard_Romano

    My Dad’s story is virtually identical, only that he comes from a family of butchers who immigrated from Sicily in the 60s. He came with nothing (about 25 bucks in his pocket), he sacrificed, worked long hours, raised a family, and is now enjoying retirement. These modern types want the last part without the first two. Disgraziadi, as my Dad would call them.

  • texlovera

    The recipe for true success in life: hard work.

    Never changes…