The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Good-Bye, #NeverTrump!

  Honestly, I’ve found it easy to ignore the #NeverTrump Republican crybabies most days, but reading their epitaph was enjoyable: The Never Trump intellectual crowd has no momentum and no popular following these days. Consider the trajectory of their would-be leader [Bill] Kristol, who appears to be indulging in a personal fantasy by putting himself forward as a candidate, […]

No Republicans Allowed: Restaurant Owner Ejects WH Spokeswoman

  White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant where Republican customers are not welcome: Stephanie Wilkinson, co-owner of The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va., told The Washington Post on Saturday that Sanders’s support of President Trump’s desire to ban transgender people from the military, in particular, was antithetical […]

Trump Titanium
Testicle Territory
Treads Triumphantly

by Smitty Having lived on the edge of the Beltway Singularity nearly two decades, there is a unique perspective that one can bring. Around the 2006 election that put Princess Pelosi in as Screecher of the House, there was a growing concern about whether there was something Really, Truly Wrong in the U.S. I saw […]

Democrats and Media Are Lying: Behind the Phony ‘Family Separation’ Propaganda

  The media headlines are deliberately misleading: Nielsen becomes face of Trump’s border separations — Politico All four living former first ladies condemn Trump border policy — NBC News Less Than One-Third Of The Public Supports Family Separations — Huffington Post The myth being promoted by Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) is […]

The Democrat Immigration Agenda

The White House sent me this press release: RESULTS OF CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS’ DANGEROUS IMMIGRATION POLICIES “We must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders.” – President Donald J. Trump CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS’ FAMILY SEPARATION POLICY: Too many American families have been permanently separated from loved ones lost to illegal alien crime. ·        Open border […]

Yes, CNN Hates America

  CNN became notorious as the “Clinton News Network” during the 2016 presidential campaign, when the third-place cable news channel was so completely in the tank for the Democrat nominee that their programming was like a 24/7 contribution-in-kind to the DNC. Since CNN’s candidate lost the election, they have spent the past 18 months attempting […]

Report: Brett Kimberlin and DNC Staffer Helped Push ‘Russiagate’ to Feds

‘Speedway Bomber’ Brett Kimberlin was sentenced to 50 years in 1981 From the Populist TV Morning Report: In an exclusive report, Lee Stranahan highlighted a Facebook post by operative Alexandra Chalupa made the day after the 2016 election where Chalupa said: “Homeland Security / DOJ teamed up with a group that is part of Anonymous […]

Trump Wins, and the Left Complains

  No matter how much President Trump succeeds, the Left simply will not acknowledge his success. The headline on Robert Kuttner’s American Prospect column — asserting that Trump is inflicting “damage” by his “disastrous diplomacy” with North Korea — shows how the Left is committed to denying any recognition of Trump’s success. What is Professor […]

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