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If Trump Has Lost Ace of Spades …

Posted on | July 28, 2023 | Comments Off on If Trump Has Lost Ace of Spades …

It’s never been my habit to over-interpret anything — a Foucault-style textual analysis is just more work than it’s worth — but today I saw Ace of Spades take a shot at Donald Trump and thought, “Hmmmm.”

Yesterday the special counsel added new charges to his indictment of Trump over #DocumentGate (or whatever they’re calling it) and in his reaction to this news, Ace felt the need to add these comments:

So now comes my least favorite phase of every new Trump indictment, the ranting by Trump’s more passionate defenders that Ron DeSantis isn’t doing enough to defend the man who slurs him as a pedophile and homosexual!! His statements aren’t STRONG enough in swearing for the honor of a man who smears him dishonorably!!! and that Trump’s legal problems — almost all of which are self-inflicted– are a reason to elect him president to fuck up all over the place some more, rather than a reason to elect a strong president who will pardon Trump and let him live peacefully and free as a private citizen.
Every one of Trump’s problems gets weaponized against DeSantis, and then people wonder — Gee, why aren’t DeSantis’ supporters more interested in talking about Trump’s problems?
Tell you what: If Trump issues a STRONG statement clearing him from the previous lies that DeSantis is a pedophile, gay, cheats on his wife, killed more people with Covid than Democrat governors Newsom or Cuomo, then I’ll join you in your calls for STRONG statements clearing Trump of crimes which, let’s face it, he probably did commit.

To repeat myself: “Hmmmm.”

Something I realized long ago, sort of Rule Number One for survival in the conservative blogosphere: Never piss off Ace of Spades.

Ace has very good instincts about who is or is not Down For The Agenda. If he ever starts taking shots at somebody, you can bet that sooner or later that person will prove himself to be an unprincipled quisling.

But why bring up Allahpundit at this late date, eh?

If you look at the RCP average, Trump is beating DeSantis 3-1 and, quite frankly, DeSantis is starting to look like This Year’s Scott Walker. It is therefore remarkable that Ace would take this stance just now, when Trump looks like a shoo-in for the 2024 GOP nomination.

After my experience in 2011-2012, I stopped trying to influence Republican primaries because, despite what some people may imagine, the voters don’t seem to give a damn about the opinions of bloggers. If my herculean efforts to stop Mitt Romney from getting the GOP nomination were futile, why even bother commenting on primaries?

Basically, I’m agnostic on the matter of who gets the Republican nomination, as long as it’s not someone named “Bush,” or a useless blob of frustrated impotence like Chris Christie. Everything I’ve seen so far suggests to me that Trump is a lead-pipe cinch for the 2024 nomination, however much anyone may wish otherwise, or however much better DeSantis might be as a candidate in the general election.

Is there some way that could change? I don’t know, but maybe some of Trump’s more outspoken supporters should think about toning down their rhetoric just a wee bit, because they appear to be in danger of violating Rule Number One: Never piss off Ace of Spades.

Trust me. You never want to see an angry ewok.



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