The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Dear @MeghanEMurphy …

  Burn it down. That’s the mantra that a lot of conservatives started repeating a few years ago. Many of my friends on the Right had become sick and tired of a Republican Party that didn’t seem to give a damn about the people who vote Republican — or people who would vote Republican, if […]

Weird Beyond Words: An Online Transgender Blackmail Conspiracy?

The 4chan community has been buzzing for the past two days over an intensely weird story: A person using the handle “Reiko” was allegedly the ringleader of a group on a board called “r9k” that convinced vulnerable young men to engage in online transvestite roleplaying. It is alleged that “Reiko” and his crew would seek […]

‘Who Could Have Seen This Coming? Nostradamus, Maybe! But No One Else!’

So says Ace of Spades after a pervert took advantage of Target’s “gender-neutral” bathroom policy in an entirely predictable way: According to NBC Chicago, police are now on the hunt for a man who exposed himself to a child in the women’s restroom at a Target store in the South Loop. “A mother was with her […]

‘Outdated Ideas of Biology’

A left-wing Welsh politician, Leanne Wood, last month declared her party’s support for “trans equality”: I want to see an inclusive feminism which brings women together rather than dividing us. . . . A feminism that understands that gender is a complex and deeply personal thing, and is about so much more than outdated ideas of […]

‘A Totalitarian Misery Cult’

Ace of Spades tells the story of Lindsay Shepherd, the Canadian graduate student and teaching assistant “who was summoned before a Diversity Kangaroo Court to explain why, as part of an issues-in-media class, she had played a debate . . . about the use of made-up trans pronouns”: She used to consider herself a leftist, […]

Police: Transgender Prostitute Murdered in Louisiana Motel by Tattooed Ex-Convict

Police say Darrell ‘Amia Tyrae’ Berryman (left) was shot by Dedrick Butler (right). WBRZ-TV reports: Police have arrested a man accused of shooting and killing a transgender prostitute at a Baton Rouge motel earlier this week. According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the shooting happened shortly after 1 a.m. at the Shades Motel on […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous: The Strange Case of ‘Gwynevere River Song’

Jackson Mosher, a/k/a ‘Gwynevere River Song.’ “This is what motivates me — to normalize our struggle. It is unnecessary for us to feel like outcasts, because we are not. Science dictates this, and no misconception held by a member of society, even society itself, can change that. We are natural. We have always existed, and […]

‘Consciousness-Raising’ as Advertisement

  The Miami Herald did a story about a would-be transgender teenager who committed suicide at age 17. Rod Dreher examined the ideological issues involved, which prompted this reader comment: All this consciousness-raising of trans issues functions like an advertisement for a product. . . . The product we see today, a transformation of body […]

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