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More Lame-Duck Madness

Posted on | November 19, 2010 | 3 Comments

You know how all those pollsters and pundits were so eager to tell us that the mid-term election — in which Republicans gained more House seats than in any election since 1938 — were not a “mandate” for the GOP agenda?

Yeah, well, how the hell was this election a mandate for repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” pushing through the DREAM Act amnesty, imposing Internet censorship or approving Democrat campaign donors as federal judges? And exactly where is the mandate for the executive imposition of “net neutrality”?

What’s going on here, of course, is the same kind of dark-of-night trick beloved by Nancy Pelosi, as when she scheduled a major health-care debate for the Saturday after the 2009 off-year election, a day when normal red-blooded Americans were watching LSU-Alabama or Penn State-Ohio State.

They know damned well that the liberal agenda can’t withstand public scrutiny — does anyone remember any Democrat in a contested election running TV ads declaring his support for granting citizenship to illegal aliens? — and so they try to sneak these things through when they think nobody’s paying attention.

Most people are now looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The election is over, the Democrats lost, and voters therefore cannot be blamed for thinking they had fixed that “wrong track” problem that had been apparent in polls for months.

Do me a favor: If your congressman or senator is a Republican, call their office and ask them to take the floor to give a speech reminding their Democratic colleagues that they just got a “shellacking” from the voters.

Elections have consequences, and this business of Democrats trying to ram through their unpopular agenda during a lame-duck session should not be tolerated.


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