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Nine Key States for 2012

Posted on | November 24, 2010 | 13 Comments

Jennifer Rubin identifies the Democratic senators who are most vulnerable in the next cycle:

Jon Tester, Bill Nelson, Jim Webb, Claire McCaskill, Ben Nelson, Sherrod Brown, and Kent Conrad, for starters. That’s a total of seven Democrats who voted for (were all the 60th vote for) ObamaCare, supported the stimulus plan, and come from states (Montana, Florida, Virginia, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and North Dakota) that are quite likely to vote for a Republican for president. And the way things are going, you might add Bob Casey (Pennsylvania) and Herb Kohl (Wisconsin), who may have gone too far left in their states.

OK, so who are the possible contenders for the GOP Senate nominations in these states? What grassroots conservatives should be doing is encouraging as many candidates as possible to enter 2012 Republican primaries. If we let John Cornyn and the NRSC handpick their pets, we’ll get a lot of Charlie Crist/Mike Castle types.

Having strong GOP Senate candidates running in these states will have an “up-ticket” benefit, especially in the key presidential swing states like Florida, Ohio and Missouri.

So, if you’re familiar with any of these states, feel free to suggest good conservative candidates.

UPDATE: In the comments, someone suggests Ken Blackwell to take on Sherrod Brown in Ohio.


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