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The Governor California Deserves

Posted on | January 21, 2011 | 8 Comments

Wrecking the state in the name of civil rights:

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday called education funding a civil rights issue, defending his plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies as necessary to reduce California’s yawning budget deficit and to push more tax revenue to schools and public safety.
“We take from redevelopment and we put $1 billion into schools – that’s a good thing,” Brown said at a Sacramento breakfast celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “We’ve got to make sure whatever we do, we give a chance to those who are coming along in the next generation. And that is a civil rights issue.”

Of course, that $1 billion will go to pay inflated salaries for the teachers-union goons who control the Democratic Party in California, but if you point out that Brown is just using tax dollars to pay back his party’s political special interests, you’re raaaaacist!


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