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Got Any Good Jon Huntsman Jokes?

Posted on | January 31, 2011 | 20 Comments

He’s the son of a billionaire who is Obama’s ambassador to China but now is probably running for the GOP nomination, which is why I’m trying to stock up on jokes. Dave Weigel’s got a real knee-slapper from Bill Daley:

I want Jon to know that the president has no hard feelings. In fact, he just did an interview with the Tea Party Express saying how integral he has been to the success of the Obama administration.

Also, “Huntsman’s team . . . is heavy on McCain 2008 veterans.” Dave wanted reactions to this announcement, and so I e-mailed him mine:

I can’t get excited about Huntsman. Or I should say, I couldn’t get excited about Huntsman for less than $9,000 a month. For the right price, I could probably even get excited about Tim Pawlenty, but I doubt T-Paw’s in a position to spend that kind of cash, whereas Huntsman’s richer than God. He could afford to pay me $9,000 not to make fun of him. And if anyone has any contacts with Team Huntsman, please pass that info along to them. Otherwise, they can look forward to lots of vicious snark at Huntsman’s expense.
“Monetizing the Blogsophere the Old-Fashioned Way”

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On the other hand, I understand that my blog readers aren’t billionaires, so if y’all want to hit the tip jar, it won’t take $9,000 a month for me to keep up a steady diet of Huntsman jokes until we laugh him completely out of the race. And if I ever stop snarking at his expense . . . well, you’ll understand, right?


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